Mulally Is an Example of Great Leadership: Kaplan

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Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “This Matters Now,” Robert Kaplan, management professor at Harvard Business School, talks with Tom Keene about importance of leadership in business. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

You get up at a lecture hall and it is strategy this and that, then you have to go out and do it.


The truth is, there are millions of people in this country and world who are leaders and acting like leaders.

You don't need to manage anyone to be a leader.

You have to have conviction about what you believe and be willing to act on it.

And everything we teach emanates from that.

How do you project the leadership when a conference call is 400 people and you have to project?

What -- it starts with a clear vision of how you add value, what you do that is the ship -- distinctive.

Most great leaders that you see at great companies start with "how do we do that" and everything cascades.

And they have the ability, i would suggest, that they go narrow when others go wide.

It is easy to go wide but a lot harder to go narrow and delineate the vision that you delegate.

What you do that is distinctive has to be very specific and very deliberate.

But that is what makes a great school, a great company, great nonprofit.

Did you just described alan mullally?

That 5:00 a.m. meeting, one ford, can you do one microsoft?

He will have to learn a new industry but he is great at a clear vision, priorities, alignment, and willing to listen to people who disagree.

Can even go into microsoft as an engineer out of kansas -- kansas state -- out of kansas, and can he delegate and listen to the technological geniuses at microsoft?

It is different than before.

But ford was different than boeing.

What a jump from boeing to ford?

This guy, among many things -- and great leaders like he and others -- they are great listeners, they asked great questions.

Leadership is about asking the right questions and not having all the right answers.

Alan mulally as quick -- asks great questions.

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