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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on the latest news from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Website, -- let's talk about the serious stuff going on.

There is a lot of stuff coming out of there.

As a whole new range of pretty interesting stuff in what can you tell us about the highlights?

I think any large company that is here, it is not just trying to tell you about the latest product, they are telling you about what the company is capable of doing.

In the case of intel we know they like to build all sorts of stuff.

They are trying to state that we want to be powering these new devices.

That was very much one of the key areas for intel.

We will have some of those comments coming up.

The other story is a story of survival.

You have companies like blackberry here, not so much on the show room floor but to let people know what their strategy is.

People saw the commentary on bloomberg west.

The idea of this company shifting its business back to focusing on business and government and less on the retail consumer.

The thing we have to think about is this is a company that is also dealing with a whole host of factors, competitive factors here on the floor.

Blackberry it has sued them.

We had a chance to speak with the ceo of typo we may be up to pray that to play some of our interviews.

We were there two years ago.

We sat there and talked about it.

He i rose my hand and said let's go develop this.

We came out with a product to make this work did . what was the toughest part of going from there it -- the bluetooth chip and the module had to be miniaturized.

We had engineered the keyboard we wanted a product that worked for us.

That was a benefit.

Of the goal was to have something you can type superfast on your iphone.

The folks at blackberry are pleased about this.

A decided to sue you guys.

You said we have 44,000 patents, let's make use of them.

What is going to happen with this illegal factor?

We did do some research.

We don't believe we violated any patents.

We are going to vigorously defended.

Do you guys have patents tied to this technology?

We have applied for one patent.

This is a business that you both are basically backing.

Is it a shared ownership thing?

We are friends.

He has had it on his phone for a year.

We love it so much that it made sense to take this to the world.

It worked out very well for the both of us.

I was the ceo of this company , which is taking on blackberry.

Going back to our interview with john chen, we did talk about a lot of stuff.

In terms of devices and how we should be thinking about where this company is going, here's more on what he had to say.

I think there was enough leaks in the market that -- i'm not concerned -- i'm not going to confirm or deny it.

I personally love the keyboards per unit you will look at blackberry going forward to keyboards, i would not use the

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