The Business of Re-branding Fiji Airways

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July 9 (Bloomberg) -- Fiji's Permanent Secretary Elizabeth Powell discusses tourism and the re-branding of Fiji Airways with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock" (Source: Bloomberg)

Tell us about the rebranding of fiji airways.

Why did they decide to make a new airline?

Wasn't the old one good enough?

The old one was extremely successful.

We were very successful in turning around the airline a number of years back from a huge deficit from a profitable operation.

What was decided that it was necessary to figure out the true identity.

When it was originally changed there were more regional island countries that were involved.

That changed so qantas is now a shareholder.

The government holds much of the rest.

As it is a, we needed to establish what it was that this airline should be projecting internationally.

I just want to break in and ask you.

What is the specific goal in terms of increasing tories them?

It carries around 65% of all visitors.

It is important be way in which bg is for trade internationally is also -- fiji is for trade internationally.

We were able to align the national airline more closely with the actual country.

It is being launched seven-week back.

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