The Big Money Behind the Big Game

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Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) –-Sqad CEO Neil Klar, Horizon Media SVP & Director of Research Brad Adgate and Smith College Sports Economist Andrew Zimbalist discuss the big ad money behind the Super Bowl with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You ever seen anything like this?

-- are assembling to cover the big game.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

The amount of money that has been put in in a short.

Of amount of time is huge.

You look at what they are really paying.

The average price is about $3.9 million.

30 seconds of time.

Maybe it is a bargain, right?

It is worth it.

They have the biggest audience.

Here is where i'm going.

What is the audience expected to be?

We got numbers about the grammys that was on cbs last night.

29 million.

They said that is a very good level for the grammys.

What are they expecting 110? i think will be -- i think it will be the most-watched super bowl ever.


The championship game was up 20% from last year.

Up 10% for the regular season.

Cox had the best season in 20 years.

They are broadcasting a game.

There are two number one teams playing each other.

You will cbo or is engaged throughout the whole game.

-- you will see viewers engaged throughout the whole game.

It will be in new york.

He it will be a festive holiday.

Let's say you wanted to have a time capsule and write down some of the things that are going on in the business of sports, as brad just described, this could be the biggest ever, but it also is one that has two teams.

They are not playing anywhere near their home.

And the world of football -- you said, what?

120 million?

The record is 111. that the vicodin in the history does that go down in history books?

One of the things important to realize about the super bowl is that it is a male and female audience.

More people watch the ads then watch the game.

It is a family event.

It is like a easter party or christmas party.

And they don't have to say i am advertising perfume for the women or year for the men.

It is the whole thing.

There are different kinds of companies on the super bowl.

Everybody wants to get a piece of that audience.

Have you seen any of the ads?

Have you seen the arnold schwarzenegger ad?

And has a lot of hits on youtube.

They are putting a lot of them online before hand.

People are sharing them.

And then the day after the super bowl.

That is a business too.

And that is my that is free.

They get for nothing.

And people watch the advertising.

50 million women are going to watch the super bowl.

And some of the ads cost $4 million, $5 million, or $6 million to make.

Companies keep doing it though, so it must be worthwhile.

Thank you very much.

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