Musk: Why Tesla’s Model S Beats the Chevy Volt

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Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Movers & Shakers," Betty Liu speaks with billionaire Elon Musk whose Tesla Model S sedan received the highest crash test ratings of any car tested by U.S. regulators. (Source: Bloomberg)

Julie, to record julie hyman, senior markets correspondent.

? moving and shaking this hour -- tesla the -- billionaire ceo elon musk.

Yesterday, he reported his tesla model s sedan has received the highest car trash -- crash rating by -- then any car tested by regulators.

It costs about $70,000. five star ratings in every safety and crash category, even breeding out and see the's and minivans.

In an interview with elon musk for abc's "nightline." i talked to him about tesla electric car rivals including general motors' volt.

In the case of the volt, i think they -- they have sort of created something, an amphibian.

It is ok as a gasoline car, and it is ok as an electric car, but it is not great as either.

They essentially split the baby between gas and electric.

So it is ok, but not great.

In the case of the nissan leaf, the battery pack range is just way too low.

It is like 70 or 80 miles or something like that.

So you cannot even drive from haloalkyl to berkeley and back in the bay area.

So that is like, hmm, ok.

It is too short of a range to be too useful.

And what are the other element of the lee for the volt?

-- elements of the leaf or the volt?

They're not really great on aesthetics, acceleration, or handling, they're not great on finish or on the cars' elec tronics.

So you say what the reason some

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