Target Data Breach Cost Company $61M

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Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Target posted fourth-quarter profit that topped analysts’ estimates, signaling that it’s regaining customer loyalty after a data breach affected tens of millions of shoppers at the peak of the holiday season. Julie Hyman reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

It definitely had an impact on target.

Not only did it take charge to fix the data breach, the bridge of credit card information at the comedy, but in addition, a depressed traffic, because people, after hearing about the data breach, did not necessarily want to shop at target.

The company is a saying in the statement today that it is not sure what the future effects are going to be.

It is not sure how long this is going to last.

All of this said, the company's earnings did top profits estimates.

It seems like that is.

Share this morning.

In addition to the fact that full-year earnings forecast leaves room to perhaps at least meet analyst estimates.

The shares were higher earlier.

Now they are giving up a little bit.

We should mention that this is the first year where target canada results should be fully integrated into the u.s. results . they won't be broken out separately.

That business has been a little bit challenge.

A lot of retailers in the u.s. have had issues and a target is among them.

Jcpenney's earnings after the bell.

Jcpenney, within a struggling retail industry, is struggling perhaps the most.

There are questions about the company ---- the company's cash position.

Even the trends are improving, it is not clear if they are improving enough to allow the retailer to keep its cash position whole until the end of the year and in that healthy position.

That is the question that investors are asking here.

That is what they will be scrutinizing today, not only the earnings numbers, not only the compn numbers, but the liquidity position of the company.

We should get another one today.

I want to bring in greg ticky is, as i mentioned, a restructuring expert.

A cleaner, and corporate america, is who greg is.

I want to pull this up.

It shows short interest between jcpenney and also sears.

Above 40%. the highest among any of the other department store chains.

No surprise, given what is happening.

No surprise.

Retailers -- it is the most difficult sector to try to do a turnaround in.

It takes a lot of capital.

But i think the other question retailers always have is whether you are relevant, and if you ask

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