Syria War Remains After Chemicals Weapons: Mausher

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Marwan Mausher of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace offers context on a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria as he believes a military strike would not have any impact on the Assad Administration. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Your country jordan has been dragged into this conflict as well.

You've had thousands of syrian refugees cross the board and it -- the border into jordan.

You say you don't believe any strike at all toward the assad regime will amount to anything.

Not at least the kind of strike the administration is talking about.

It will probably serve more as a face-saving measure than solving the problem.

Let's remember, the chemical weapons issue is not the only issue on the table.

There is still a war going on with 100,000 people killed.

There are still a lot of refugees, more than 2 million, who have gone to jordan, lebanon, and turkey.

If this is going to be resolved, i think it is important to go beyond the chemical attack issue and to work through a political process that will hopefully end the war.

What kind of process would you propose?

I hope the russians and the americans would agree on a process that would take the two sides to geneva and start the political process that was agreed on last year in which a transitional government would be established in syria, a process that would probably end with the syrian regime leading power.

I don't think anybody expects him to stay in power at the end of the road after all of these many people killed in syria.

But without a political process, i am afraid that even if the chemical weapons issue is resolved, we will have war continuing in the country and risks the destruction of the country for a long time.

Julianna goldman, you have been at the white house.

Any discussion about regime change?

That is something the white house says is off the table, that any military strike would be limited in size and scope and meant to send a signal, a deterrent signal and to the grade -- to the grade assad's chemical weapons -- degrade siv's capabilities.

They have been talking about degrading his capabilities but upgrading the opposition.

Would you consider the meeting a failure if you do not get a signal about the upgrading about -- part of the equation?

It would be incomplete.

They agreed on a chemical weapons solution -- that is a big "if" because the united states wants a verifiable mechanism but russia does not want the threat of any military strike.

But even if a resolution is arrived at, if there is no political process that can be started to end the war, then all the sides are going to continue to arm their side.

The opposition would be armed by countries like saudi arabia and others, and the regime will be continue to be armed by iran and syria.

Think you for joining us.

-- thank you for joining us.

A vice president of studies at the carnegie endowment of peace and 4 -- former foreign minister of jordan.

And we had julianna goldman.

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