Sustainable Travel: Going Green While You Go Away

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June 23 (Bloomberg) -- Jane Ashton, sustainable development director at Tui Travel, discusses the business benefits of sustainable travel and steps taken to reduce travelers’ carbon footprint while venturing away from home for work and leisure. She speaks with Olivia Sterns on “The Pulse.”

Travel director, jane.


Tell me what you are responsible for sustainable development.

What have been the key steps in reducing your carbon footprint?

To reduce our carbon footprint for the last two years now, we have focused on reducing the fuel and carbon impact and also looking at the the entire journey.

From offices and hotels and destinations.

What is driving this a move?

Is it all about concerns about the environment?

You have to be watching the bottom line.

Is there a business case?

Yes, it in the long term, the future of our industry.

In the short or to medium term, we realized a host of benefits through more sustainable.

Some people might be listening and thinking taking short flights is going to be bad for the environment.

The conversation and little bit that maybe you should not be taking on flights and getting into a car if you are concerned about the environment.

What do you say about that?

It is responsible for many jobs worldwide and 9% of gdp.

A critical industry.

And every part can be made sustainable by focusing on reducing the environmental impact in improving the economic impact.

I read statistics.

How much have you been able to reduce your carbon footprint?

We have reduce or improved efficiency of 9%, over 9%. some of the greatest or more sustainable operator.

And in destinations, the hotel portion, we aim to take about 10 million people over the sustainability plan on holiday.

Last year, that was 50% of all holiday customers who stayed in accommodations.

What are the goals going forward?

We are setting our target at the moment.

Increasing we want to see all our customers staying in hotels that are independently certified as green.

Supporting the local community and really minimizing the energy and water consumption.

Jane, thank you so much.

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