Super Bowl Ads: Who Got the Most for Their $4M?

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Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Christopher Weil, CEO at Momentum Worldwide, and Scott O’Neil, CEO of the Philadelphia 76ers, break down the winners and losers of this year’s Super Bowl ads on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

You take on an image like this and then add on puppies.

It is a win-win.

For the companies asked to pay all his money, are they disincentive eyes?

Look at what jcpenney did last night.

They did not spend a dollar.

We have not seen them make a smart to teach it to move ever and they had a huge win last night without spending a dime.

You get real professionals to do real work.

This is not just about a social media campaign.

Chris does that better than anybody.

Can you talk about your digital thing -- think tank?

We will have a great run in the next 10 years.

I agree.

We are polling in new kids who are digital natives and they live in a world where, there is no difference.

Everybody is making in this day and age.

Is there a formula or are you brain is kids and all of these ideas can hit.

It has to start with a brink -- a big strong brand idea.

Execution was fun but the idea is great with team t both.

You're talking about, i do not have a contract.

It is a strong idea.

Coca cola and their same-sex marriage commercial, which i loved.

You're the only odd man out.

I am glad you all enjoyed it.

Conceptually, you have coca- cola, the great american brand, taking on the only socially except double bias in the the u.s. that is left.

After what that message being sent by coca cola -- coke is an iconic brand that stands for america.

A lot of open happiness with coca-cola.

People talk about $4 million, and expensive platform.

It is inexpensive if you look at everything.

We are still talking about the ad.

If you're going to get us inside the radioshack store, are you going to go to radioshack next week?

You will know longer be the 80s store.

If you go in there because of that spot, it better not be the old 80s store.

Do you genuinely think people will walk into a radioshack because they saw that last night?

They pass a radioshack may think of that and it draws them in.

Him as last time you saw a radioshack gekko i was blown away.

There was a maserati ad last night and at the beginning of the game, it was perfect.

If you are advertising in the third or fourth quarter, i am sorry.

It blew me away because it was a really good at that twitter blew up when it hit, but also, maserati advertising the super bowl, guacamole, chips, salsa, maserati, why are they in on this?

If you want reappraisal of your brand, there is nothing like the super bowl.

You've reached the largest audience and the ads are as much a part of the game as the game itself.

There is no other show.

A chance for them to cut through and relaunch, they sell one or two.

Does it mean they want to have a different customer?

The exception of one percent, nobody is buying.

They are watching football also.

Tell us about the huber one percent.

What could you get wrong in super bowl ads?

What is something you look that and said, what a waste of money?

There are a few of them.

That is why you are here.

I am tired of go daddy.

Which ones really did you jump up and down and say, -- it was an audi.

I love it here at original.

When you look at that, can you say, that is a new concept and i've never seen anything like it?


I hope we do not see anymore -- they were scary.

More brands should get really creative and go to social media rooms.

There were a few.

A beer doing and add, a celebrity saying she was going to do a beer ad but didn't have the money.

This is a great platform that will continue to grow for the super bowl.

The good news, -- come on, people.

We need to get this right.

Is this getting it right?

Jcpenney saying they do not have a clue and they are not getting it right?

They have typos in their tweet.

My $4 million bought next year.

No more drunk texting.

Stop it.

I thought the halftime show was spectacular.

I thought the set was great.

Bruno mars was great.

The peppers were good.

Did you catch the pepsi?

They had pepsi light shoot across the stadium.

I thought it was fabulous.

They put on the hats.

We got hats.

From an advertising perspective, what does it do for pepsi?

I cannot go on too much about how good it was.

I thought it was really -- a knife jet -- nice job for pepsi.

Pepsi is always trying to define the now in music and they did it . qwest could pepsi have gotten more exposure somehow?

In the arena, is there something you would have thought?

I am not sure the arena the arena is where you want it.

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