Steve Ballmer Is `Thrilled’ to Own LA Clippers

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Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Steve Ballmer isn’t sweating the price tag or any risk that came with buying the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion, by about four times the most money ever spent to buy a National Basketball Association franchise. Trish Regan reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)



This is after a california judge determined that shelley sterling had the ability to sell on behalf of the trust.

Trish regan spoke to both of them.

He will not be a wilting flower keynoter.

He will be on the sidelines pumping his fist.

You know it.

I spoke with him on the phone.

He gets excited about things.

He was extremely excited yesterday on the phone.

He could not be happier, or perhaps more relieved the deal had gone through.

He did say that maybe it is my personality type -- until i dot every i, it is hard for me to believe it is done through.

He did say he would figure out how to support the team and take it to the next level.

He said you have to be tenacious, and you to keep pushing, pushing, pushing to take it to the next level and that he will enthusiastically support the team.

When i asked that he would be on the sidelines, he said you had better believe it, how great is it when your job is to go to the basketball team?

I said in terms of managing the team, will you be that involved, and he said he is not a basketball expert, so he will not be designing plays, but he is enthusiastic.

It is like product development, you support, occasionally give them something to think about.

They talked -- he talked about doc rivers.

"actually 100%. will stay.

He was a beacon during the controversy.

He really was.

In the interim ceo dick parsons has also pointed to doc rivers as the glue that held that team together.

I you spoke to parsons as well -- you spoke to parsons as well.

I did.

We spoke about steve ballmer, and what type of owner he was going to be.

We emphasize this is someone that will support the team and have the financial wherewithal to support the team with as well.

Support the team as well.

I think his energy will be somewhat infectious and supportive of, you know, everybody else's desire, and then i'm not going to say that steve is just going to sit and open his checkbook.

In ba has roles in terms of how much you can spend, where, and how much you can pay, to keep some kind of parity within the league, but steve will be there to the extent that the team will not fail.

Let's put it that way, for a lack of resources.

You can say that again.

$2 billion spent for the team.

I said to him, $2 billion,,. this is, by the way, about four times than any previous team has done.

He raised the value of every other team in the nba.

Made everybody us very happy, but he said he is thrilled.

It is the price he paid.

He put out a huge laugh and he said "i have a history of looking at tech companies.

I would say basketball teams are lower risk." we have to get to some breaking news, but quickly you will be in atlantic city tomorrow, atlantic city "lights out." covering the challenges that city is facing.

I will be there live all day.

Trish regan, thank you so much.

We have breaking news on retail sales numbers -- july retail sales headline figures unchanged.

So, not great news here on the consumer.

The expectation was for a rise of .20%. core retails undershooting economists service.

Julie hyman, give us more details.

This is indeed disappointing

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