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Aug.13 (Bloomberg) -- Former Saturday Night Live Star Dan Aykroyd discusses his career and his involvement with Crystal Head Vodka. "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports. (Source: Bloomberg)

In the world of humor, there is only one dan aykroyd.

The comedian turned businessman stock by a few days ago, celebrating the anniversary of his movie, "trading places." you know the scene that happens at the end of the movie?

He explained it and now we know what really happened.

But one minute you are soybeans, the next minute your kid is in college.

Everyone knows that "trading places" is a classic american comedy, but i would posit that it may be the best movie ever made about american business.

It is definitely the only movie made about the commodities trade.

Certainly one-of-a-kind.

When you first got the script, did you understand what was happening on the financial level?

I lived downtown near the world trade center, i understood enough about it.

This is the other guy's problem.

I did not understand the in the pits mechanism of trading.

I did not understand the call and response system.

When i got in there and learned about it, eddie and i became infatuated but their enthusiasm and adrenaline.

In the and you can see as in the movie shouting.

We were just trying to replicate that fury and that frenzy that happens.

What's entirely replaced by computers.

Bloomberg terminal.


It is very complex.

Could you give us a small favor?

Described in plain english why you win and the dupes lose?

There was a short taking place in orange juice futures and we were able to get information about what the dukes were doing.

We want you to get as much o.j. as you can.

Do not worry if the price keeps going up.

We worked the other side of the trade.

What they were operating under false information.

You have to know what you're doing to play that game.

Looking good, billy ray.

All right, there is.

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