Sneak Peek at Apple's New IOS Operating System

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June 2 (Bloomberg) -- Cantor Fitzgerald’s Brian White and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson preview Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” White’s firm owns more than 1% stock in Apple. (Source: Bloomberg)

What we will hear from apple.

What we have heard in prior years have not been the big announcements, the watch or the connected home, all of that, the new products.

We see iterative products that get developers excited, but they give us the clues of what is coming next.

Perhaps a watch fitness device, a larger screen size for an iphone.

We will get the clues on that when you see the speeches that they hint at.

We might see an up eight of their ios operating system, which could be crucial here.

This is the event, for example, where in prior years, they have announced new operating systems for the macintosh.

In prior years, they even announced the new air models for the macintosh.

They talked about the passport software, which they thought was crucial to what they are developing.

All kinds of iterations of products, software for cars.

We might not get some giant product announcement but we will get a roadmap for developers that will give us a hint of where apple is going over the next year.

Bryan, what will get you excited today?

They are really setting the stage for this innovation rent.

Some say this is the best product cycle they have seen at apple in years.

You might get something in terms of medical, home.

We talked about a watch connecting to the home.

Yosemite, i think, will be the new name of the new os10 with the mac.

Possibly, you will get jimmy iovine and dre on stage.

Is that about changing any outlook?

I think beats makes sense.

I feel like music is so imperative to apple, they get a lot out of this deal.

What happens if jimmy iovine and dre walk out on stage?

Here is one of the dynamics of the show.

You have thousands of developers who work on the apple devices who work on the macintosh, who live and breathe apple, so no matter what they do, it is crazy applause.

I have been at this event four years.

I remember they announced the most boring thing.

Steve jobs once announced, if you typed in a word and it spelled incorrectly, the new app on the mac would underline it to tell you it was spelled wrong.

Not kidding, a standing ovation for that.

That just shows you how rabid the people here are.

No matter what happens, they will go nuts.

Analyst in the crown will be trying to figure out, when they talk about these deals, how does this change the market for apple products, could that lead to greater revenues in the future?

Bryan, how do you think apple will get to its $777 target that you have?

We wrote a story on this, talking about their contraction 55% since the end of 2007. apple has generated $179 billion in free cash flow.

Multiples will expand.

New products will expand their addressable market, so that's exciting.

Thank you very much, bryan white, and cory johnson.

We will have full coverage of the developers conference in a special edition of "market makers" and "bloomberg west." as a private space race heats up, we will speak to mark kelly, a member of the spacex advisory board, to talk about the new capsule.

And surrounding all the issues around g.m.'s recall, the

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