Russell Simmons, Universal Launch YouTube Label

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on Russell Simmons and Universal Music launching a YouTube channel. Erlichman speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West. (Source: Bloomberg)

This is a great example of a story that brings together the typical media and entertainment world.

For a guy like russell simmons, he can invest his money in a lot of different places.

He does.

He is more of an entrepreneur than a veteran.

The opportunity for uploading video.

You can give them a little bit more polished.

They get the music executives attention by four before getting thrown out by security.

They're making sure their product is the most focus.

There is an importance of this.

If there is the discovery process.

It is so important in the ultimate sale.

How important is an announcement like this for google and youtube?

It is further validation of the youtube platform.

Even though we talked a lot about the television channels that have been created, music is still a powerhouse.

Even the idea of just looking for an artist on your phone you are let quickly to you too.

Is a very powerful platform that way.

The music labels knew that when they created a service called vivo which is in tv for the youtube generation.

Youtube is a important partner.

It wants to make sure that the traditional media players are using the platforms.

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