Shutdown Will Last at Least a Week: Collender

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Stan Collender, national director of financial communications at Qorvis, talks with Tom Keene about how long it will take to feel the impact of the U.S. government shutdown and the length of time we can expect the shutdown to last. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

All the national parks, any national monuments, that will be one of the first visible signs of what is going on.

Irs offices, visas, passports.

If you had a question for the department of education about a student loan or china play apply for veteran benefits, it is gone.

How long will this last?

At least a week.

I put it up on my blog last night.

First of all, there's nothing going on today that will move things along very quickly.

Unless the house simply gives into the senate, which i don't think is going to happen, this is at least a couple of days going.

The most important thing, these members of congress to their constituents to feel the pain.

It will take several days for that to happen.

Probably by the end of the weakest when contractors and others will start to realize they're not getting paid, that their invoices or dubbing process.

They may have to lay people off.

I find it interesting the markets rallied overseas.

You didn't see any immediate panic.

The economic impact of this?

You mentioned the per day.

$300 million per day at least.

But you won't see it initially.

Is a fraction of our gdp.

It is a percentage, minimal.

I would expect it to hit the washington, d c economy externally hard.

Anywhere there is a large group of iris -- irs employees.

The multiplier effect.

Stan collender with us for this entire hour, dave stockton will join us later on "bloomberg surveillance." we have a true fit line up to give you -- we have a terrific lineup.

Outside washington, google closing in on the joke european regulators.

The competition she says the company is made significant improvements in a proposal to in its antitrust battle and are up -- europe.

Regulators have been looking into whether google promoted its own product such as google news and search results.

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