Show Me the Money: Playoff Quarterbacks Face Off

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Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Real Deal," Michael McKee examines the rivalry between NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)


It is fascinating.

The media have made this a big game because of the rivalry.

It is one of the most meaningless because neither player is on the show that the same time but they are two of the greatest quarterbacks in nfl history.

They are two of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league.

You can see their quarterback rankings are the different in the playoffs.

Manning is way ahead of brady.

They ran the ball and won big.

Hard to tell who will win that game.

Qwest -- what about the seahawks?

You have an interesting matchup there.

Two youngsters instead of veterans.

Two people who do not make a lot of money all stop in --. they had interesting careers.

Neither one makes any money.

They are in their rookie contract.

They could spend that money on other players.

Nancy pelosi was just touching.

On the floor, who is the best?

This will be the eternal debate.

If you go by statistics, tom brady had more success and has beaten a commanding more times.

If you look at wins above replacement, peyton manning's have meant more to his team over the years.

He has accounted for more victories all stop -- victories.

When you look at points, peyton manning wins again.

If you look at their earnings, peyton manning's winning again.

He has the edge?

He does, except that this is a two-income economy these days.

Tom brady's wife is the highest- paid wife.

She made $45 million last year which is more than tom and peyton combined.

In her career, she has made more than the two of them combined and she doesn't risk injury every sunday.

Unless she makes a wrong yoga pose or something like that.

If you're going to raise your kids to do something, raise them to be supermodels.

I think genetics might play into that.

She made that can't -- that comment that she never watches football unless her husband is

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