Should Political Figures and Celebrities Mix?

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Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Fordham University’s Lance Strate discusses the blurred lines between politics and celebrity and the impact each has on the other with Matt Miller, Julie Hyman and John Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Whether or not they showed, i'm glad that they do.

It seems like it is something they need to do to communicate with this generation.

You are right on that score that is strategic for the politician.

You want to reach people in this is one of the best ways to reach people on that level, sure.

Taking the broader point of view, i'm not sure it's all that great for democracy.

When political leaders become friends of comedians and hang out together, does that turn democracy into a joke?

When more people get their news from "the daily show" and stephen colbert, that makes a statement but isn't it also the fault of the news in a sense?

To some extent.

You may not like this answer, but to some point it is the fault of television.

You have serious discourse.

Don't we know it?

You obviously have not been watching for the past hour and a half.

[laughter] jon erlichman, you talk to hollywood and traditionally there has been a cozy relationship in many ways.

They try to leave the politics out of it and i think it goes to the point you guys were talking about.

You don't want to do it any other way because most of these shows, the traditional late-night shows, these are sketch comedy shows that people might be adjusted watching a politician on but the hope is for most of these hosts that you will not know if they vote democrat or republican.

As long as the politician does not get into too tricky a territory, or the host, that is why they push the phone.

Jimmy fallon really pushes the phone which then appeals to the online audience as well.

Hasn't this been happening forever?

You have actors becoming politicians.

Some of the best in the history of the united states.

That's a matter of debate.

The people at cbs in one profit and edward armourr.


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