Shots Fired, U.S. Capitol Police Lock Down Building

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Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Capitol police locked down the building after gunshots were heard outside, with officers telling people to “shelter in place.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, told reporters today she heard about the gunshots from Representative John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat. Peter Cook and Megan Hughes report on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

For you there are shots repeatedly fired near the nation's capital.

You do have u.s. capitol police locking down that building.

Were going to get you right now to d.c.. megan hughes, washington correspondent standing by with more.

House speaker nancy pelosi did say that shots were fired outside the u.s. capitol.

The u.s. capitol is on lockdown right now.

We are trying to get in touch with our reporter peter cook on the scene.

Nancy pelosi, house minority leader saying shots were fired outside the u.s. capitol.

The u.s. capitol is on lockdown.

Were going to be aching a lot of phone calls here, trying to figure out what exactly is going on.

Thank you very much.

People in the capital order to shelter.

-- ordered to shelter.

Peter cook is on the scene there.

Do you have any more information?

Very unusual situation.

I was just interviewing senator tim kane for "capital gains." the siren started wailing across the capital.

We had camera crews rushing to the window area here.

I'm on the senate side of the capital.

I can't tell you what is happening other than what has been confirmed by leader pelosi, that there were shots fired over by the capital.

Some of my fellow reporter colleagues in the capitol building were told to stay in the press gallery and stay away from the windows.

I physically have not been able to go to the window area.

I will go as soon as i'm done talking with you.

That's the latest we have.

Senator cain did not know any more than i did.

Do we know if it's related to the shutdown?

We honestly don't know.

We don't want to speculate too much on that.

People are being told to stay in their buildings.

It doesn't sound like -- the sirens have stopped for the moment.

I don't know if this is a contained situation.

Stay safe.

Peter cook joining us from capitol hill.

Were going to bring in our in- house security expert.

Richard, you've probably heard the details as we have them, which are not that much.

Shots have been fired near the capital.

Everybody is on lockdown there.

What is going on?

As someone who was head of counterterrorism here in new york city, what is going on from

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