Shiller: U.S. Market Pretty High, Not Overpriced

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Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s “Bloomberg Surveillance” anchor Tom Keene recaps his interview with Robert Shiller, Nobel Laureate and Yale University professor, on the high price of U.S. stocks and why they should remain a part of your portfolio. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Government shutdown and we can reach the debt ceiling this thursday, an event that can cause the u.s. to default on its debt.

Tom keene has been on tv and on radio for three hours, like he does every morning.

He caught up with robert schiller, who weighed in on whether the u.s. is overpriced in light of the gridlock in washington.

I think the u.s. has a relatively high-priced market.

Price divided by a ten-year average earning, we are pretty high.

On the other hand, the u.s. market is not that overpriced, not like it was in 2000. looking at the alternative, and should still be part of your portfolio.

You know robert schiller really well.

How important is this call?

The call is very important commons idea for we are and where we are going within his good society is a big deal.

This is the robert schiller of history moves from the nobel price work of asset prices and onto a lot of work.

Recently it has been the subprime crisis and also his thoughts about where america is right now as we come out of this shutdown.

Is it default?

Re: near that yet or are we done it -- have we done it already.

He was surprised he won the nobel current -- the nobel prize.

I love the way they put it together.

To bring bob sure into that, we have a genuine tension together.

It was a smart asked by the swedish bank -- a smart act by the switch bank.

Bob schiller would suggest we are overvalued but not at the levels of 2000. there is a real difference in the way he thinks versus a lot of other people.

He came to the same conclusion.

We moved to may be a plus.

A positive refreshes, i don't think so -- a pause that refreshes, i don't think so.

Thank you for being here.

Tom keene of bloomberg surveillance.

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