Shazam Chairman: Our Ambition Is to IPO

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March 11 (Bloomberg) -- Andrew Fisher, Chairman of Shazam Entertainment, discusses the company’s raising of $20 million and their intent to go public. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Military and business?

You don't want your competitors to find out what you have coming.

Security and privacy will be the distinctions and the competitive differentiators of the next three years.

Thank you so much.

I want to play a quick soundbite from charlie rose last night from with the man running softbank trying to buy two mobile.

I need to become a heavyweight.

I need to become a heavyweight fighter.

That will not work.

They will squish you.

Right./ this is so they can stay profitable and beef that.

I want to make them fight back so they also become muscle instead of that.

It's good competition?

It's good for the united states.

Is there a cartel among the cell phone providers?

I don't think so.

I think competition is good.

I can go from one to the other.

There really are only two major carriers, at&t and verizon.

That is more than half the service in this country.

I don't actually long for something different for my cell phone provider.

I have a good rate plan and eight a plan and roaming.

It is all too expensive and i think more competition will bring that down.

I think they are moving to data brokers and will deliver data.

Once they get to that point, it will be who can most efficiently and less expensively deliver it.

We are coming to a place where that will flush out.

You can watch the full interview tonight on bloomberg television, charlie rose speaking to the man who runs softbank as they try to buy to you mobile at 8:00 tonight.

How do the telephone charts look?

Not very good.

They are a down trend.

Smaller companies are the opportunities.

European telecom looks better like what you telecom.

-- like deutsche telekom.

Isn't that the parent of two mobile?


Is that a theme that europe has not yet caught up to the u.s.? one of our big themes this year's europe looks like the u.s. did look this time last year.

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