Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Legalizing Pot

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Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Bloomberg's Adam Johnson, Trish Regan, Alix Steel, Julie Hyman and BGC Partners' Colin Gillis wrap up the top market moves on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

I just have to ask what it does to the real estate industry on housing.

The argument is that things are starting at such a low base.

You got three and a corridor.

Ok, now we are closer to 4.25% you can still do that.

Let's turn to the shakeup we saw in the dow jones.

The three members with the lowest price, remember it is price weighted, bank of america, hewlett-packard, alcoa are all out being replaced by goldman sachs, nike.

That means five are financial services.

That is the shifting economy.

It is a lifeblood for this.

It is a stake in the heart for alcoa.

This was like the bellwether of the world economy.

This was the biggest metal and mining's company in the world.

Now it is just not as relevant.

You could argue that the tao is not as relevant either.

In general it is i don't know.

We're talking about the sort of dichotomy when it comes to dow per section eight.

People, when they read the headline, they are looking at how it performs.

They are looking , theoretically continue to perform better, it will help the percentage.

I'm looking at mcdonald's. sales of stores open every year.

They rose to represent last year, helped by your.

Pretty much flat.

The pop and europe -- in europe was due to france, and a calendar shift, not anything fundamental.

All in all, mcdonald's dealing with the broader issue.

They have to get more people in stores, or they have to target more food in order to make their company to make their company to grow.

You can order on your phone, you can get curbside drive there and pick it up.

To probably has something to miller -- c hipotle has something similar.

Perhaps a new app on the new iphone that was announced today.

And mcdonald's is feeling a norma's, it serves 99 million people a day and makes $1 million more than any of its competitors.

That is kind of it.

How do they get to the next level?

That is the next question in innovation.

How deal innovate -- do you intimate -- innovate.

Speaking of snacking, it is actually a historic day for america.

The first ever senate hearing on the issue of marijuana legalization.

With everything going on xeric, they're talking about marijuana legalization.

Regulation of marijuana in 20 states and the d.c. area have legalize the medical use of marijuana.

An terms of the change in federal law, we are seeing some pictures there from the cannabis cup in seattle which is being held.

It is just remarkable, because you can see below is walking around openly consuming marijuana, openly smoking it.

This is not a scene that you would've seen several years ago.

It is now legal for recreational purposes.

A tremendous, massive change is going on.

I was out there, just to clarify, reporting.

[laughter] in case anybody is wondering.

It is all on water street -- wall street.

If this becomes legit, will we have analyst covering marijuana?

Sales might get a boost.

I talked to a guy out there who wanted to be the starbucks of marijuana.

He was to become a brand.

He's thinking about staring -- selling in your what a -- in uruguay, and in seattle.

It is an interesting scenario.

Something clearly in the foot.

Here something afoot, and i'm very happy about this.

According to u.s. news and world report rankings, my, monitor is number one.

Sorry harvard.

We beat you for the title of best academic research institution come and we are pretty good in that all too, i might add.

Gail was third, -- yale was third, and columbia was also in the top five.

What do you think?

What i am sad i did not make the list.

Probably still affordability.

We can talk about brings all you want, all of these goals -- schools -- how much does it cost?

Summer around -- somewhere around $47,000. a lot of old costs in the vicinity of that.

You're not necessarily hitting a difference, but college costs in general have gone up so much.

Chris from little communications was here last month asking why it is that tuition has gone up so much, and says it is because of the demand.

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