What 'House of Cards' on Ultra HD 4K Looks Like

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Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Netflix VP of Product Innovation Todd Yellin discusses how Netflix is able to stream “House of Cards” to your tv over the internet in Ultra HD 4K. He speaks to Jon Erlichman at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. (Source: Bloomberg)

This bet.

We want to lean forward and have the best tv watching experience that netflix can offer.

You might be surprised, john.

Why are you standing here at netflix getting the best picture?

This is the ultimate irony.

It will not be a shift in blu- ray or hd that will get you that quality.

It will be better quality than that in the first place you will be able to see it is on netflix on your tv streaming over the internet.

All right, i will give you a chance to prove it to us.

Why if someone is watching will the experience look and feel different?

Second stream altar hd 4k to give you an idea of what it looks like.

House of cards is one of the first pieces of content we have in this format.

Season to premieres on february 14. it will signify on the screen where it says ultra hd four k. it is four times the information.

You are practically in washington, d.c. if you look at the columns that it is built out of, and all of the glorious architecture of the capitol building, you will be able to see the architecture.

Would've people do not go out and buy one of these fancy tvs?

The early adopters, those who are always the first guy on the block to get the best tv set, they will have it.

It will be a very small percentage of users at first.

And the prices will come down and it will get more and more affordable in the next couple of years.

And you think of netflix as a service available anywhere, any device and a lot of people are watching that way.

Our a majority of the subscriber sitting down on the couch and watching on a big-screen screen tv?

The majority of netflix users, the most hours is on a tv.

It is in your living room.

People are watching on their many devices, but the number one way to watch tv is on your couch.

Do you think netflix subscribers care more about

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