SEC Chairman White Gets Tough on Wall Street

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook looks at last week's actions by the SEC against SAC Capital and Harbinger Capital as new Chairman Mary Jo White takes on Wall Street. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

How much does that make up for the lagging elsewhere?

It will be tough to offset.

If europe improves , perhaps, but other areas cannot offset it.

We had a new story about the mcwrap.

How important is it really for the company?

Her it is innovation that is important, bringing these items to the menu.

This is a really good product for them.

You need more motivation to drive same-store sales higher.

Friday this was something that the press always covered, but not always analysts.

The obesity situation how they have been attacked for their promotion of junk food.

There was the mcbudget and that controversy last week.

How much do you factor that in as you look at the future of the company?

The differences in what people say that they want and what they purchase is very different.

Calorie counts will go on the menu across all restaurant once obama care is in effect.

Restaurants with calorie counts have not seen any impact in terms of people trending down to lower calorie item is.

I think that what people say and what they purchased are different things.

Thank you, peter.

And of course, julie hyman.

Something you have not seen, alex rodriguez playing in a yankees game, but another setback?

Putting an end to risky business, will they be able to lobby their way out?

We are going to speak to the former senator.

? ? you are watching "in the loop," on bloomberg television.

Good morning.

It is 26 minutes after the hour, meaning that bloomberg television is after the market.

Equity futures with dow futures down, slightly, the s&p 500 little changed.

Copper, seeing its biggest rally in two months, 70% of companies in the s&p that have reported have beat estimates from analysts.

Mcdonald's continues this trend with missing estimates on the markets again in 30 minutes.

A look at bloomberg top headlines, posting second quarter results on the street, suggesting exploration is alive and well while demand for drilling services with high and low prices at $70 million.

Much hinges on the netflix quarterly earnings after the close today, while most investors remained smitten, others are concerned that extensive regional programming costs will play havoc with the balance sheet.

They may have to increase their monthly subscription fees.

Ubs, wall street rivals in the second quarter, an end to the division with a $7.6 billion amount of new money, tied to the end of the u.s. federal housing finance and history -- and industry.

The latest in a string of banks.

Washington, the sec sending a strong message that there is a new sheriff in town.

Alleging that the hedge fund manager behind sec failed to supervise two labour portfolio managers at the firm and ignored red flags.

With more on this i am joined by senator ted kaufman, who struggled mightily for more regulation in washington.

First, walk us through what happened here with steve cohen.

Peter cook has more on the new tone coming from the sec.

Let's start with you.

This has been an ongoing case against steve callahan, the sec stopped short of charging him with insider-trading.

What is going on here?

That is the key point.

Among the most successful hedge fund managers in history will fight a lesser battle with the government.

They said to fall -- file and administrative action, accusing him of failing to supervise his employees properly.

That kaelin was a bad boss when it came to operating the company.

They're looking to ban him for life using this non-court action.

They claimed that he should have known that his employees, michael steinberg, matthew cohen, were using material information to avoid losses of millions of dollars.

The sec will have a lesser burden of proof with this kind of action rather than charging that an outright crime.

A spokesperson says that the sec policy action is without merit and that he acted appropriately at all time.

Then he will fight these charges vigorously.

Remember, his empire is big.

60% of that is either his own money or employee money.

Still a big charge against steve callahan.

It is.

He has had a laser on him for several years on this.

I want to bring you in on this.

This is all part of chairman white delivering on her promise to step up enforcement.

Absolutely, it is something we have been expecting for some time.

After taking on terrorists and mobsters, she promised a bold and on the lending enforcement operation.

Last week certainly demonstrated that.

She took on not one but two separate hedge fund managers, charging steve: with failing to supervise those, separately rejecting that $18,000,000.70 deal -- $80 million settlement deal with phil falcone, sending a message -- a clue million dollars settlement deal with phil falcone, sending a message that wall street should take notice.

She is very smart, she is very tough, she makes hard calls.

Based on what they filed, this case looks like it is the proper course for them to take these are the big first enforcement actions at the john white sec following years of criticism they have less enforcement and are less likely to take cases to trial, more likely to settle cases.

One high-profile example from 2011, and $85 million settlement from citigroup was initially rejected by a federal judge in part.

In june they pledged to change that policy and take that tougher approach to the risk as they appeared tougher on the part of mary jo white meaning that more cases that go to trial they could lose, which is the risk.

Thank you, peter cook.

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