SABMiller’s Unique Strategy for Emerging Markets

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Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Andy Wales, Senior Vice President of Sustainable Development at SABMiller, discusses the company’s campaign in both Latin America and Africa, and their push for local small business support adding to SABMiller’s growth . He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The growth in retail said.

You are trying to foster that.

That changed and we are seeing beers in mozambique and uganda.

We will see that in latin america with retailers.

It is about how you can help small businesses grow.

This is not out of our choice to concerns.

No, but it is beyond traditional business as usual.

It is about giving a brand umbrella and giving some more signage to help in smarter ways to grow business.

The traditional marks in this did not work.

They do work.

There is a way to go forward and market in different ways.

Africa is more mobile than latin america and air is a challenge to the consumer.

You sell beer and that is a big integrated chain that works smoothly and has taken years to finesse.

It generally works pretty well.

How do you market and produce and get the market things that you produce.

A good example is latin america.

We go to a very small real teller -- retailer.

There's is quite a low income.

There is an opportunity for us to become a better hobbit and the community and build consumer loyalty.

How much this technology have to play in all this.

It goes off and you have pet products that last a little bit longer.

When you start to produce that kind of technology into the market, what is the difference.

Is a great difference for us.

We have brooded in a few places.

-- it is a great difference for us and we have brewed it in a few places.

We think look of the quality of the beer and how to grow the market.

Out as it impact he entrepreneurs that we are talking about -- how does it impact the entrepreneurs that we are talking about.

They can grow in the quality is better.

The big growth opportunity for us is in africa and where we can get products to.

We can improve the retail experience for the consumer with that product.

I was at an event six years ago and i was talking to some guys.

They had no idea how much beer they produced and could not come up with an accurate number how difficult is it to do business in a market where the metrics that you would normally operate under and we have an understanding of the volumes.

This seems like a different situation.

We have one of the best growth stories and we have a quality brewing process.

You know what they have seen and you know the lay of the land is.

There, it seems the metrics are off.

Latin america has become a nice proportion.

We understand their business model better and we understand how their mail volumes will grow.

The development in these committees -- communities are so critical.

But i do so much indeed -- thank you so much indeed for coming in.

Coming up on the program, the u.k. windfarms are far behind the goal and cap -- coal and gas counterparts.

We'll have the implications next.


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