Bill Gates Mugshot Inspires Teenage Misfits to Lead

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Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Off The Charts," Scarlet Fu looks at the correlation between entrepreneurship and teenage rule-breaking on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is what i will say to myself and my kids are getting into trouble.

A study from europe finds there is a long current -- strong connection between on to proportioned and breaking the rules.

What is considered groundbreaking behavior?

Jail time is one of them.

Shoplifting, drinking, drugs.

Talking teenage years.

Leaving college?

Rolling your eyes at your mother?

That is standard behavior.

Showing you what the chart indicates.

Researchers asked people how many times you broke rules coming of a score one.

For-10 times, a score of three.

The results, a definite correlation between boys that became entrepreneurs and rule breaking.

For women, not as significant . interesting.

Any real-life examples of that?

Bill gates was arrested for a traffic violation back in 1977. we found a mug shot of him.

There he is.

Check out the glasses.

Used to hack into company networks.

The fbi tracked him down.

No secret sean parker is a bad boy.

He did become more well known.

I guess this is taking a break from the rolls.

To go as long as they're not engaging in serious criminal activity.

Does cut glasses and getting high every once in awhile.

-- just cutting class

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