Rise of the Millennials: Generation Built on Crises

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July 14 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "Single Best Chart," Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu displays the birth rate of the Millennial generation and how it relates to the Baby Boomers to possibly become the largest generation in U.S. history. She speaks on "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Plethora of charts.

We're kicking off a weeklong coverage of the millennial market.

Lost generation, future baby boomers, they have been called both.

The reason why you want to focus on this group of late teens and twentysomethings, is because it is going to be the biggest generation in history.

They already outnumber your baby boomers.

Let's show you the chart.

Part one shows the peak first rate of tom's baby boomers.

4.3 million births per year.

That was back in 1957. fast-forward to 1990, millenials peak birth rate matches.

All this week, we will focus on issues facing the millenials.

What they're buying power means for business as well.

In the next hour, someone who is first-hand experience in dealing with millenials and their parents come at david skorton will join us.

If we had 3.5% gdp, that was awful lot of challenges.

-- that would solve a lot of challenges.

We have three millenials.

I think that a bit of a challenge in their generation.

Are they going to come home and live with you?


one of them is in law school, one is out in l.a., and the other is in left field.


The hope generation.

When you look at those charts with the peaks, the differences, we went to the 1960's and hugely expanded our social programs.

I think the big issues with these young folks is they will be paying for all of us for a long time.

I would go back to something jeffrey immelt said, these kids in their 20's, like my three millenials, they haven't seen a normal economy.

They have never seen that run rate.

It hasn't been the same.

One thing they've seen, just like a generation grew up in the depression and it never left him, my kids grew up with 9/11 in the background and the 2008 crisis.

They learn something about geopolitical risk and economic risk as children.

I don't know how that will play out, but i think it has made him more focused about real life.

Yes, thank you.

And mike it, without sending trite, lead to more initiative?

-- and might it, without sounding trite, lead to more initiative?

We will talk to skorton about this, there are thousands of kids that from what i can tell really did not go to college.

They need skills and education.


Both matter.

He is selling fancy books again.

But you're competing with millenials around the world.

Do your kids have too much homework?


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