Retailers Use Bag of Tricks in Short Holiday Season

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Nov. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Nicholas Graham, CEO at NGO Inc., discusses how a shorter holiday shopping season affects the retail approach to marketing and the tricks company’s use to attract customers. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Soaks green underwear with hundred dollar bills -- did you see my underwear this morning?

Too much information.

We are launching online in about 10 days,

This is a really truncated period.

Is this more intense period better for gimmicks?

It is.

We have a lot of marketing going on.

But we are launching spring -- you can buy it for a holiday.

We are coming ahead of the curve in terms of other apparel companies.

But we will be doing a lot of marketing.

We are launching with santa claus delivery in new york city.

Those are real humans who come to your door like santa claus, and give you a package.

How much money are you expecting to lose on something like that?

I have no idea.

[laughter] but the point is delivering that presents to people, that experience.

And they are polkadot santas.

Why is it worth it to squeeze margins of her profitability?

In terms of the marketing thing.

We will completely think out-of- the-box.

Is the tone we are seeing this holiday season really a mask to the move to digital?

Is a bricks and mortar complaining that the real issue is or amazon?

I was going to go the traditional road department stores but by the middle of the summer, i just wanted to leapfrog that.

Ironically, i was with department stores -- so macy's does not matter to nick graham?

The thing about being online is you can create his narrative that you cannot otherwise in the store.

We speak to our customers directly.

If you are thinking about promoting so heavily, does it speak to the fat content -- consumers might be more willing to buy this year versus three years ago when they were really staying out of the stores altogether?

At the end of the day people still want to buy things but, a, the product has to be amazing and a has to speak to them but also how it is delivered.

How is it different for five years ago?

I don't think in recessions ever, but if people are going to buy things, you have to greet the story.

Jeff sachs, the big debate in economics is the nominal gdp, animal spirit.

It directly falls onto the consumer, does it?

We heard pronouncements in the last few weeks from the lead guru thats we are stuck in stagnation -- you fall back.

I said in beginning we need to boost investment rather than only hoping for the consumer to come through.

And we haven't been doing that systematically.

I still maintain we need investment right now.

It is a different strategy.

Hog-tie make the transition from the frenzy of the holiday season -- how do you make the transition from the frenzy of the holiday season to the post holiday season where you want people to come back to the website and the stores?

You really have to kind of create -- in the holiday season you can create the momentum.

That is what we are looking at, creating momentum before christmas so we can go straight into january and february.

The dead period.

But we've got great valentines promotions.

We have shirts with embroidered lipstick on the collar.

Tom has one of those.

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