Retailers Open at Heathrow to Raise Global Profile

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Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Kari Lundgren reports on the business of personal shoppers being available to all shoppers at London’s Heathrow Airport. She speaks to Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)


You gave it a go.

It is quite fun.

I do not usually use a personal shopper.

It was a foreign experience.

I was slightly embarrassed.

They are very knowledgeable.

They have training from a societal agency.

A london style agency.

A know a lot about makeup.

They know a lot about different brands and what they are selling.

You book it in advance a you fill out a little form.

That is a little bit about what you want.

They'll will be able to choose products in advance or bring them to the storm or they can actually bring things to you.

In the future what they are planning, lounges that will be in terminal two and five.

It has been running on a trial basis for about a year.

It is the associate it with their vip service which is about 1500 pounds.

The idea is to take it from the vip and make it the service and is open to everyone.

You would not have to pay worked.

There is no minimum spend.

You do not spend anything, did you?

A no, i do not spend anything.

Quite dramatic.

38 pounds is what the average shopper spends.

And you have people, it is quite incredible what people will buy into airport.


One guy who came in and wanted a ready meal and he bought two watches.

You can have these incredible sales which is kind of what -- what heathrow is trying to do to target these incredible sales you can have.

They are trying to offer service that you have in the high-end street situation at harris and so forth.

They are trying to keep themselves or series as a retailer.

Why heathrow?

You're stuck with travelers, so it is sensible.

An incredible number of people passing through each year.

The brands are taking the more seriously.

You think about john lewis and they will be opening their first branch in the terminal to next year.

That is a very interesting move for them.

There -- they are a very bridge brands.

They said heathrow is part of their strategy to get this valuable poll of passengers.

And being able to leverage that.

Thank you a lot.

Coming up, cal's and arts.

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