Retail Doing Well, Luxury Doing Very Well: Harrison

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Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Gilbert Harrison, chairman & founder at Financo and Bloomberg Businessweek’s Emma Rosenblum discuss the state of the retail industry heading into the holiday shopping season and the divide between luxury retailers and the rest of the market. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Everybody is looking forward to the results of this weekend's sales.

They are starting early.

It is going to be interesting to see the storm -- hopefully it does not have the effect that people are afraid of.

It should be passed out by thursday and black friday.

The week and should be successful.

What is the polarity between walmart and tiffany's boom it is continuing.

Lecture he continues to do well and the rest of the market is somewhat suffering -- luxury continues to do well and the rest of the market is somewhat suffering.

The middle-class is scared to death of uncertainty and tax increases, new unemployment.

The scariness of war.

All of these things go together.

The consumer is concerned.

The luxury sector come up people have so much money that they are concerned about devaluing currency.

They are putting their money into capital goods.

Emma rosenblum wrote about j.crew.

Jake crewe -- j.crew capturing some of that luxury.

They are connected with shoppers.

It is above any of the fast fashion but below barneys.

It sits right in the middle.

Emma, did you choose this cover?

Your people on your covers, you have so much fun.

I know that couple, who are they?

Some guy named billy and cathy.

We photoshopped the faces.

Scarlet, you realize that he is one of the true merchant princes in this country.

He turnaround gap and is doing the same with j. crew.

You call him and he will get back to you in 10 minutes.

He has been doing it for 10 minutes.

Did they do the royalty the cover shot?

We are not allowed to use that picture.

The copyrights.

The story with emma rosenblum.

Here is scarlet fu.

Goldman sachs betting big on

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