Renewable Energy Policy Uncertainty Rising: Warren

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Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Ben Warren, Partner at Ernst & Young, discusses renewable energy policy, and the impact of cost and investment worldwide. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

That you found in there.

Oc the moment is a very diverse view on the role of renewable energy from the developing market to the more mature market.

As persecutory view on the role that new energy can play in stimulating economic growth.

We really see you markets focusing on cost of her nobles and the impact of subsidies do or don't have on the underlying cost of energy, which seems a bit ironic.

The scenes at the problem in the uk.

There is lot more squabbling than there has been in the past eric indeed good infrastructure were soon that energy is your long-term a investment.

Short-term points going by politicians isn't exactly helpful.

What needs to change ee?

You will be shamed if you don't get behind this.

Now people are losing interest, why?

It was really an environmental play.

But renewables has a role to play and energy security and providing affordable and sustainable energy for the future.

Hence it is important in the developing market.

It seems a bit ironic that right now when renewables is the most competitive it has ever been, and particularly in the uk where we have the second cheapest energy across europe, that we're focusing on the cost of subsidy.

Why the emerging markets behind it?

They see value in it.

Jobs for investment in new energy, we look at china and korea markets where there is a huge investment in infrastructure supply chain.

A lot of major global companies coming out of those markets supplying solar panels and other forms of energy technology.

This and is quite ironic when you think of china.

I must be way behind in terms of her new energy.

Is because a star from a lower base so investment is ramped up because in the uk we been doing it for the last 45 years?

I think china has been doing a strategic approach.

China has the benefit of being very strategic and very centralized planning around the way delivers its energy economy.

It has a big advantage, but is catching up?

The problem is is caught up in his overtaking most markets.

The only market above china in terms of competitiveness and attractiveness is the u.s.. that is an incredible finding.

When you see a change for the uk?

Is a pretty good point where they will be able to find a common solution?

As report says come we got $29 billion would of -- or pounds worth of investment in uk between 2010 and 2013. that is really slowed back because of the political uncertainty in regulation for the present uk, jobs and energy services, jobs in wind, jobs in construction operations and maintenance is a big area for the uk.

Think is a much than warren, energy finance from ernst & young.

What have we got for you in the second hour of "the pulse"? this is a business in silicon valley that is launching in london.

They do all the things you don't want to do for a small fee.

We will talk about the economic numbers coming out and to analyze all of that, eric nielsen will still be with us from unicredit.

Is going to be a great hour.

You can follow us both on twitter.

I am@guyjohnsontv, francine is

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