Relentlessly Focused on `One Ford’ Plan: Fields

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May 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller reports on April auto sales for Ford Motor Company and the first public comments from Mark Fields after being named as successor to Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Correspondent jon erlichman talking to greg brown.

Total vehicle sales down zero point eight percent, expecting a gain, compared to rivals doing so well.

Chrysler sales up about 14%. general motors sales were up about six percent.

So you are seeing real gains in the other carmakers as the weather clears up, and it is not happening for ford.

If you look into the breakdown, you will see lincoln is really a big problem.

Those sales are down 11%. and that will be a priority for mark fields, the newly announced ceo.


Fields comes in and it's got a big, i am guessing, on his list of things to do, something near the top.

It is a luxury brand.

Do better at selling lincoln cars but obviously china is a huge issue for them, but they are running on all cylinders.

I want to jump in right there because mark fields has been speaking to express -- any rest conference in dearborn, michigan.

What his first order of business will be get the first order of business is obviously to have a great transition to next couple of months.

Then to continue to have relentless focus on the one fortran -- one ford brand and top qualities into the marketplace.

That is the sole pope -- our sole focus on we will not skip a beat.

He said the first line of business is implementing the one ford land.

My question for him today would be what do we -- are you going to do differently.

We know he will be implementing the plan.

They have been doing that for eight years.

I am not saying it is bad.

Obviously, it has worked incredibly well for them and it really gives alan mulally kind of the crown as the turnaround came for america.

They have done really well.

They avoided the bailouts, the bankruptcy.

They have built a really strong company.

But the question is, what is mark fields going to do differently if anything?

Sure, he is going to put his own stamp of the company because he is that kind of guy and that's why bill fort waterman.

He has been with the company -- 25 years.

Leas be sure to watch his interview with chairman bill ford and ceo alan mulally coming up on "market makers" at 11:00 a.m..

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