Reid Pushes `Nuclear' Option on Nomination Delays

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook reports that Senate majority leader Harry Reid is considering the "nuclear option" to get President Barack Obama's nominations related to the business community confirmed. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

He is so frustrated that the president cannot even get his own executive administration nominees in place, he is willing to change the rules of the senate . he expressed his frustration over the past few months, in particular, seven nominees that have been blocked for a number of reasons.

He is willing to change the rules only require 51 votes to overcome a filibuster, as opposed to the normal 60. this would only apply to presidential nominees.

This would not affect the judges or legislation in the senate, but would be a change.

Republicans say it would undermine the traditions of the senate, the powers of the minority, the senate as a whole, and could respond in time.

Last night, there was an effort behind closed doors, all of the senators meeting in the old senate chambers.

Harry reid emerged to say that they did not have a deal but perhaps made progress.

The conversation will continue tonight, the votes are scheduled for 10:00 in the morning.

This means the presidential appointees, if he pulls the trigger here come the could get confirmed by the senate in much easier fashion.

The end result could be a senate that has been in gridlock, could be totally blown up by this.

This could poison the well and can a chance to get any legislation passed by the session could be gone.

Who exactly are they fighting over?

The short term fight over seven nominees, all of whom have some impact over the business community.

Two members of the president's cabinet, the labor department, epa.

The bigger fight is over richard cordray, the head of the consumer protection financial bureau.

The larger fight is over three members of the national labor relations board.

They do not like the fact that the president recess-appointed these three people.

There is a legal fight over that.

They do not think they should beaufort until that legal battle is over.

Has this gotten personal?

There has always been a tenuous relationship between a harry reid and mitch mcconnell.

In the last couple of days it has been very unusual on the floor, the tension, animosity between them.

This has become a very personal fight.

Things seem to ease off a bit last night in the closed-door session, but watched today, the body language will tell us how this will work out.

Thank you, peter cook.

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