Red Sox Star Ellsbury Signs With Yankees

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Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Tom Keene, Scarlet Fu and Cristina Alesci look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Forward to today.

Cristina, i believe we are going to washington?


I have my eye on president obama.

A busy day at the white house.

The house oversight committee hold the hearings on the rollout of

And of course, the president will try to change the conversation using the bully pulpit to go ahead and do that.

He is this be -- is speaking at 11:15 a.m. on the economy -- my basic zeitgeist the last 48 hours is things are going better -- for him?

The health care.

President obama would like to believe so but i am not sure the american public believes that.

The enrollment numbers -- that is where the rubber will meet the road.

My agenda is on president obama's second-in-command, vice president joe biden.

He met with the chinese president and he confirmed with strengthening the dialogue with the u.s. some headlines is that xi jinping set the world is not tranquil but biden has to took a fine line because there is this pivot to asia that they are hoping.

But of course, there is a lot of tension between china and japan with the disputed islands and tensions between china and south korea as well in territorial disputes.

Robert kaplan, writing your wheelhouse.

What sort of leadership would you hope or wish for from our american leaders?

What -- you want them to focus on what is best for this country the next 15 or 20 years.

For a politician -- it is hard.

But i think the relationship with china and our presence in asia is one of the key building blocks the next 15-20 years.

Our relationship with them is going to be a critical relationship for a long time, so it is good they are doing what they are doing.

Is leadership important as for reid beccaria talked about or comfortable to have leadership like the old days farid zacharia talks about?

It is difficult all the way around.

The design of the government and embedded interest is much more entrenched.

Hard to make compromise.

The nice thing about foreign policy is it is one of the few areas of government where you can get consensus.

It is harder today to be president than it was 20 years ago, no question.

That said, what question would you give president obama?

When he does something.

Health care reform is a great example -- he needs to explain it better.

Why does he want to do something?

What are the costs?

But he has to articulate more clearly in my opinion why are we doing health care reform.

The reason is -- the website is a short-term thing.

Companies and many individuals will see their premiums go up in 2014 and 2015 to help subsidize ensuring -- you mean it is not a free lunch?

It is not free.

But i think it is the right thing.

He needs to explain they are not all winners.

There will be cost.

This is why this is a good thing for the country and tie it to our future for the next 10-15 years.

I don't think he has done as efficiently.

What is a leadership lesson you would offer republicans?

They need to focus on solutions.

Leadership is about what you would do if you were in charge.

It is a not -- it is not enough to criticize.

Take it a step further.

What would you do if you were in charge?

I think they need to push themselves harder to do that.

And the news from erik schatzker out of our lending news bureau on banking fines -- credit agricole, hsbc, jpmorgan to some extent do not participate but it is the year of the fine and this comes back to leadership and what banks can do.

How would you say jamie dimon by the leadership model is right now?

Put it behind us?

Definitely put it behind us.

He is looking ahead and the time for debating whether it is there are not, we are way past it.

He has decided that.

He wants to move on.

They have a great business, and he wants to get past some of these.

Charles peabody makes it very clear that they acquired assets that are profit-making in those transactions.

It very much helped pay for the fines.

Do you agree they've got enough new businesses to make the fines painless to shareholders?

He is pretty well reserved.

They took a big reserve recently . and their business model is very well diversified.

Do hbs students want to go into big banking?

Not like 10 years ago -- they all want to start twitter?

What -- things that are more of an oriole are much more interesting.

But having said that, for people who love the markets, i think -- still believe it is a great career to work at a big investment bank.

I think the people of love markets, still could be a great career.

I want to go back to m&a -- abercrombie & fitch, an interesting story.

That there is one thing activists are doing and you cannot debate, it is spurring m&a activity.

You will see more of it going into 2014. perhaps we may see a flurry of it before the year is out.

We don't have that much time, but there are people who are eager to get things done before the year is out for tax reasons.

The new york yankees -- you're kidding.

Robert kaplan, i know you are a red sox fan as well.

Jacoby ellsbury switching sides and moving to the yankees.

Devon-year, $153 million deal -- seven-year deal.

What do you think of management and sports overall?

Big payrolls, a lot of big egos to manage, and yet they can't get things done.

It goes back to the theme pain for talent.

Our teams paying too much but, question mark i spent a lot of time with general managers of sports teams.

They've got all the normal challenges business leaders have.

They are in a very unusual kind of business.

I think for the yankees, adding jacoby ellsbury takes one one of the -- takes one of the star players from their arch rivals.

It is not an accident that they made a move like that.

But it is a tough is this.

Very short-term oriented.

All that matters is wins and losses to the public to see.

And they've got to run a business that takes all of that into account.

A tough job to be general manager of a sports team, and that is why a philosophy of how you lead is critical.

The curtis granderson look really good in a red sox uniform?

[laughter] i don't know.

Where is mohammed now arian when -- mohammed el-arian when i need him?

As opposed to managing for the quarter or long-term.

The good general managers in sports absolutely have a philosophy and think long-term but they realize that even though you have a great plan, if you are 2-8 as a football team you may look like a more from this year even though you have a strong philosophy.

You think public companies have to deal with short-term shareholders.

Sports teams, even worse.

What you've got to have a long- term philosophy.

Robert kaplan, thank you so much.

With harvard business school.

Any number of smart books out on leadership strategy and tactics.

We have much more bloomberg television coming up.

"bloomberg surveillance" on radio continues but we have "in the loop those quote with the

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