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Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg TV's Tom Keene and veteran sports executive Andy Dolich join Rick Horrow to examine the Boston Red Sox' transition from a symbol of frustration to a dominant sports franchise. Cyd Zeigler of discusses the business impact of openly gay player Jason Collins' possible signing by an NBA team. Plus, Bloomberg TV goes behind the scenes with ESPN Monday Night Football, and Sean "Diddy" Combs reveals his plan to become involved in sports business. (Source: Bloomberg)

The boston red sox are celebrating another world series championship.

On this week's " sportfolio," the ceo recognizes it.

Plus, bloomberg tv's number one red sox fan tells us why citizens of the nation have recent.

He came in with this team and they didn't a change agent behavior strategy right from dave one.

-- from day one.

The nba season has kicked off.

The first openly gay player is on the sidelines.

He could cause the first 12 men who could have a positive return on investment.

We take a look behind the scenes at monday night football.

It is the next best thing to playing.

9 p. diddy says there is no rivalry with rock nation sports.

I am more of an owner type of guy.

From fenway to hip-hop.

We have got you covered.

"sportfolio" starts right now.


I'm rick harrow and welcome to " sportfolio." for 86 years, the boston red sox were baseball's most frustrated franchised, coming close to glory numerous time that never winning the world championship.

But for the last decade, the red sox have been baseball's dominant team.

Last week they won their third world series in 10 seasons, beating the st.

Louis cardinals in six games.

This year, we profiled the ceo who let the red sox turn around.

I asked him to reflect on the strategic decisions that changed the team's fortunes.

Here is what he told me back in may.

What have you done basically strategically differently to succeed when others have not?

I would say that we were first the beneficiary a lot of good work that was done by people before we got here.

We recognize there was a special nature to this franchise, that we stood on the shoulders of some people that had preceded us on and off the field, and that this franchise had a certain capacity, had a certain potential to be even greater than it had been, but it was because of the solid foundation that was there, the tradition, the passion, the fan base, the storybook history.

John henry, john warner and i all had experience with other clubs.

We knew something of the reverence in which fenway park was held, because we also held it in very high regard ourselves.

We knew renovation of fenway park was a lot better and more likely than a complete re- creation of a new ballpark.

It's come -- to come to fenway park is to stop and say, this is fenway park.

This is different.

This is boston.

This is different.

Not everything has worked perfectly.

What have you learned from the decision to hire bobby valentine?


We have learned that it is a very difficult business, that this is a business performance.

We certainly do not blame the disappointment of 2012 on bobby valentine.

I have a great deal of affection for bobby valentine, but we made a very good decision, i think, to hire john this yera.

I'm hopeful that john will be here for quite a long time and we will be talking about managerial instability -- we will not be talking about managerial instability.

Joining us now to discuss the rise of the red sox, host of surveillance and lifelong red sox fan tom keene.

And a longtime sports executive and " sportfolio" contributor.

Tom, first, congratulations, as a fan and a business journalist, how much do you credit good management, locke and destiny for the 10 year run?

It was a little bit of luck because they were injury free.

Forget about that.

It was terrific management.

I remember john mack to mirror years ago--mcnamara walking out to the mound.

Ralph hawk out of world war ii.

John had a style from day one, from him and his fury, being 1965-like.

They have turned a curse into a purse.

If you look at the amount of money they are making, i and if there are three things you have to look at in sports -- ownership, management, and a viable product.

When they sent valentine to valentine and he went away, 69 wins a year ago, and growing the beards, looking at the community immersion that they have, a quality general manager who is not early b-0-0-- billy ball, that has won the world series.

If you look at the whole story from the marathon tragedy to today, there are great things that happen in life.

Sometimes you cannot write a script.

This script is written in a spectacularly successful fashion.

Ay year ago, we were talking about chicken and beer in the clubhouse.

Bobby valentine not the right guy.

Did you ever lose faith?


i am a diehard fan.

My kids look at it totally different.

They have three world series championships.

When they first won the world series, i will be honest, i was -- i did not believe it.

I generally in my body do not believe they won that first year.

So you have a real generational gap in red sox nation between those permanently scarred like me, and my kids that think it is the divine right.

Think about this and think about the poor people in the chicago metro.

They are always going to think world series was done in the studio someplace in houston.

Tom, back to you.

On this issue, are you prepared to live in this alice in wonderland, upside down world, where the favorites are yours and the yankees go from evil empire to underdogs?

No, i am not ready for that.

I would look for the yankees to do better.

I watched a lot of baseball this season, being in new york so much.

I think there is a real story for all of sports about what the red sox did.

You and andy know a lot more about this than i do, but this idea of parity across ports can be really exciting.

To see somebody be so poor and get so much better and so much faster than they were there we were kids.

If you suffer for 100 years, there is no reason you should not be at the top of the mountain for a decade.

But let's not jump too quickly.

I heard this morning that the dodgers made an offer to buy cuba and all the baseball players in it.

So lucchino and warner and john henry and the yankees and other organizations, i mean, money is not the problem.

There is tons of money out there.

Billionaires not millionaires.

You have to be smart.

The red sox are in a very smart position right now.

A vignette to give you an idea of how john henry turn this franchise around on a dime.

I was a diehard season-ticket holder, and i will never forget the first season where they said, we are doing a father's day in the spring.

And there i was with my youngest daughter out on fenway park throwing a dunkin' donuts nerf ball around.

That never would've happened with the previous franchise.

John henry really came in with his team and they did it change agent behavior strategy right away from day one.

The red sox and the patriots and the celtics.

A big time for boston.

I think, absolutely.

And he has a better perspective on this than i do.

Boston is the unique sports town.

Internationally -- watching " sportfolio," i have not gotten over losing the old garden.

But there's is something about the character there.

Did you hear that, rick?

International following for " sportfolio." there is no better regional sports franchise in the country than the red sox.

They always have been, they always will be.

What this ownership understood, even though they have tons of money if they immerse themselves in the community.

Just watching the beard shaving yesterday, they get it.

In sports, the guys they get it, win.

The guys that do not, do not.

John henry buys the globe.

Larry l ucchino as a business leader.

Thanks for joining us.

Coming up, jason collins made news this spring by coming out.

By now it is fall and used it without an mba contract.

Being gahy in sports remains a complicated business.

We will talk about it as "portfolio" rolls on.

? welcome back to "bloomberg west" in may, 2013, jason collins made history as the first active player to come out as gay.

The public response was supportive and while collins was a free agent, many predicted that teams and sponsors we get a business boost by signing him.

The nba season is underway and he is not on any roster.

Sid, there is no question a lot of fans would buy tickets to support collins, even if he were just sitting on the end of the bench.

Were you surprised that no team even brought him into camp?

I'm a little surprise, but you have to consider what jason collins would bring to a camp.

If the team did bring him into a camp, they are essentially siding him -- signing him.

Because they do not want to be the team that cut jason collins, the gay player.

As i thought more about it, i thought it would be more likely that maybe he would be picked up in the middle of the season, but from a business perspective, how many 12th man are going to bring you revenue, how many are going to sell tickets and sell jerseys?

I think from a business perspective and a monetary perspective, jason collins is one of those few 12th man who could actually have a positive return on investment.

From this perspective, he reportedly is working out.

He's hoping for that midseason call you referred to or attend a contract.

Is the business impact any less of you makes his debut midseason?

It does not matter.

When he taps -- steps foot on the court, he is going to sell tickets.

If it is will be l.a. lakers, they do not need to sell many tickets.

There are a lot of teams out there come january and february, they are not looking great.

He could bring in a boatload of ticket sales would not otherwise have been a bunch of media interest.

He would be the first openly gay player to play on that one of the big four men's professional sports leagues.

So there were be jersey sales, ticket sales, food sales.

It would be a big return on investment.

But in general there is very little talk about collins being blacklisted by nba teams, but there is an npl situation that has created controversy regarding veteran safety terry rhodes.

Earlier this year, someone on the internet claims with video and photographed that they were the ex-boyfriend of kerrie roads and kerry is gay.

Kerry is a former safety with the arizona cardinals in the new york jets.

He apparently has had trouble getting on a team.

And some people are saying that it is because he is rumored to be gay.

That there is a lot more back story.

The new york giants had them into their workout with them a few weeks ago.

The arizona cardinals reportedly offered him a contract and he turned it down because he wanted more money.

So there is a lot more to this than just kerry rhodes may be gay.

Are we going to get in accurate read on homophobia in sports until a young star comes out?

If you look at what the la galaxy did with robbie roberts and major league soccer is number five in the big row sports leagues, but the l.a. galaxy traded the leading scorer in like mcgee to a team for a guy who had not played in many, many months.

And they have worked with robbie.

Robbie has gone through injuries and they keep working him back onto the roster.

His teammates say they love him and they welcomed into the locker room.

There are no issues there.

So we have seen that, but for some reason people want to ignore the example that l.a. galaxy and robbie rogers had paid for us -- paved for us.

It is clearly not just a concern in the u.s. many athletes are protested russia's laws limiting gay rights.

Now there is momentum to put pressure on putin to sponsors like coca-cola.

How big an impact could hit this have on the economy of the games and what would this pressure hope to become pushed?

I think your last question is the most important question.

For protest to be effective, there has to be an ultimate goal.

And boycotting the olympic, moving the olympics, having this law repealed before the olympics, the -- all of these are impossible goals.

All of these protest you're talking about boycotting coca- cola and all of these companies financially involved with the olympics.

The olympics are still going to happen in russia.

They are going to be out lgbt athletes at the olympics.

Is athletes will feel welcomed at the olympics.

On all of these protest and fervent energy around what to do about the olympics, i do not see it in particularly affected.

Because i do not see what the ultimate goal would be.

Any potential gold, other than feeding me lgbt organizations in russia some money, because putin does not care what coca-cola thinks about their law.

You gave us good example of what could happen in the olympics that will not work.

Any ideas of what might?

What is the ultimate?

If the ultimate goal is to help lgbt people in russia.

There are people working within the legal system to not necessarily repeal these laws but to get clarification.

That is what i hear from activists.

Yes, funneling money to those organizations is important, but here is another interesting piece about russia.

A lot of those organizations are forbidden from taking money from anyone outside of the country.

So it is a very strange, it is a strange country.

I struggle to think of what the ultimate goal would be because the russian government essentially tries to cut off every avenue.

Cy d ziegler, we will keep up with your coverage and thank you for joining us.

When "bloomberg west" -- when "sportfolio" returns, we'll go inside the monday night football machine.

We will see what espn puts inside its flagship nfl product every week of the season.

And our stumper includes the monday night football package.

In its 44 year history, what stadium has hosted the most monday night games?

Are you ready for some answers?

Stay tuned.

They are straight ahead on "sportfolio"." ? here is the answer to the stumper.

The stadium that is hosted the most monday night football games -- canceled the park in san francisco.

-- candlestick park.

The 49ers are moving next year but not before they play the 36th on december 23. monday night football, now in his 44th year, the broadcast of one of the key components of the espn cash machine.

Our senior west coast correspondent jon erlichman got a behind-the-scenes look at how monday's big game comes together.

It is nearly game time at new jersey's metlife stadium.

Week 7 of the nfl season, espn's crew rolled into town.

Monday night football is the only game on that night.

Everybody is watching.

Jay rhoman is the monday night football coach, handling everything from control room strategy to keeping the stars loose.

Seattle -- [laughter] it is awesome.

It is the next best thing to playing.

Monday night football may be the crown jewel of espn's empire . the network pays $1.8 billion a year for the right to the broadcast.

To get bang first its buck, espn lines up and anywhere the production.

Roughly 35 cameras capture the game.

Is that their hall of fame -- by the season's end, the production trucks would have traveled 20,000 miles crisscrossing the country.

Even with lackluster to on-field performance in week seven, the game still attracted an advertiser from the audience of 13.2 million viewers.

A reminder of how valuable primetime games for america's most popular sport can be.

We recognize that we are the current caretakers of a 44 year property.

One day it will be gone.

We never lose sight of that.


Monday night football is an american institution, but it is also growing internationally.

This year, the nfl signed a two- year deal to air monday night games live in the u.k. on british euro sports.

It will give the league another indicator of the european appetite for you american football.

Plenty left on "sportfolio". jay-z is not the only music mogul who is making sports part of his business strategy.

Stephanie ruhle sits down with sean p. dibby c -- diddy colmbs who also was into the game.

I will be the first african- american majority owner.

Get "sportfolio" wherever you go on the app for ipad.

"sportfolio" is brought to by courtyard -- a newsday.

? next week, we look at how sports businesses are going green.

How mike richter things that sports should take a leading role in the green movement.

Number two, there is marketing and sponsorship possibility an enormous teachable moments.

Taking your son to the local bowling alley or a little league or the hockey rink, there are solar panels on there.

That is a statement.

If you go to madison square garden and there they are.

Sadly there is a conversation happening, where it probably would not if it was your average factory.

I think you will get a lot more mileage per unit of effort.

Hip-hop superstar jay-z made a splash by starting his own sports agency.

His counterpart sean combs has not yet expanded his brand into this board space, but he made quite clear to bloomberg tv stephanie ruhle when he gets in the game he plans to be more than just another player.

I think outsiders would think bad boy, rock nation.

Your competitors.

It sounds like you're saying your friends.

We are definitely friends, but we push each other.

We are stronger sharing information together instead of doing the regular divide and conquer.

It's what we are doing together to change the world, and we compare notes.

We keep in touch and we make sure we support each other.

Does rock nation make you want to become a sports agent?

You love sports.


i love sports but i am more of an owner cup of chai.

I have aspirations to become -- i am an older type of guy.

I have aspirations to become, i will become the first african- american majority owner, not having a small steak but actually owning an nfl team.

I think it is time for the majority of players that are in the nfl are african-american, but there are no african- american owners.

So that is what i --that is one of my dreams, but then when i see my friend having a sports agency, i support him.

When i get the calls, we need to do bad boy sports.

No, that is not my lane.

I stay in my lane.

This is the lane i want to do.

I think that is what, i'm just me.

I do my own thing.

That will do it for this edition of "sportfolio". our thank to larry lucchino, tom keene and all the two part in this week show.

Thank you for watching.

For more video and bloomberg sports business coverage, visit our website --

Great to be with you.

See you next time on "sportfolio"." ?

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