Ratan Tata Says Happy to Look at Air India

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Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Tanvi Shukla reports on India’s government exploring options to make Air India profitable. She speaks to Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

He says he is happy to look at india if the government decides to sell.

What are you hearing?

Exactly what you said.

This eight meant came out after his -- the statement came after his meeting with the minister on friday.

They gave us a look at the proposed investment plans.

They actually went to meet the minister.

If indeed there were plans, he did say we would be happy to look at it.

I am quoting here in terms of exactly what he said, but we must keep in mind there is no concrete plan.

They say a good way to make it profitable would be to privatize it.

Remember, he is the founder of what is now india posco carrier.

-- india's carrier.

It was founded in 1946. back in 2000, singapore airlines has tried to buy out air india.

It has been going on a long

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