Queen Elizabeth Welcomes Chinese Prime Minister

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "First Look," Bloomberg's Adam Johnson highlights the photos illustrating headlines from around the world on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Official visit to the u.k. which coincides with the global economic roundtable.

A lot of monarchs.

You are a fan of baby george.

You like kids.


We have watched "frozen" three times.

We have a correction, prince george.

President obama talking with the builder of a robotic giraffe.

Cool stuff.

The fair uses projects -- it promotes projects that have new technologies, new tools, and tries to give people a voice they can -- maybe can solve the budget deficit.

Brian white, our guest host, cyber security and innovation and what it means for our security, are we a robot nation?

In san francisco, is the robots 20 47? people are bullish about drones.

This idea about amazon delivering best packages, that is -- you believe that.

I believe you will see drones used in domestic airspace for uses we can't even imagine yet.

I do think we're getting there.

So many people here on the east coast kind of said, just one big advertisement.

I think the key concern is privacy.

That is the thing with all of these did technologies that has to be fixed.

Are you going to become bowl someone taking pictures over your home and using these drones for things other than just delivering packages?

I don't know, but i know a lot of investment is flowing into drones another unmanned systems.

When do we get a drone of fenway park or wrigley field in chicago?

And it crashes or you have the guy says, wait a minute, this flew over my house and i'm going to shoot it down, right?

Or if it lands in your backyard.

The faa are letting these things fly.

Essentially saying, we need to come up with policy but we're not going to really get in the way of the use of these right now.

I see ken feinberg as a drones are.

Our number one photo, ready echo world cup update.

Chile scoring a goal against the goalkeeper of spain.

Beckett brought chile to the -- it was a free kick.

It was a free kick.

It went over the wall of players -- you know, they're standing.

But in hockey, come on, the goalie pushed the ball out.

You did not catch it.

Or soccer.

He pushed it straight back out.

That is the photo.

This is great.

This is like red sox baseball.

He kicked it in and try to come back.

It was bizarre.

It was like spain almost wanted to lose.

I can see the hate mail coming out.


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