Sheltering Snowden Should Prompt Punishment: Rogers

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July 08 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols reports on countries willing to give Snowden asylum and push back from Rep. Mike Rogers. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Could this be his best option?

The question is, how does he even get there?

Venezuela does appear to be his best option.

Mike rogers thinks that any of the countries you mentioned will give him travel documents, of which is key right now when you look at how to get from moscow to this south american companies.

Rale callous -- rale castro says that he does support their offers, but did not mention, and this is crucial, whether or not an airplane carrying him could land in cuba to refuel.

The distance he has to travel is significant.

He can avoid these countries by taking the northern route, but it is a long flight.

Venezuela and cuba have been looking to improve relationship with the u.s.. congressman rogers wants to use trade talks with venezuela and libya as pressure points.

We should not just allow this to happen and then shrugged off.

This is serious business.

We ought to look at all of that to send a clear message that we will not put up with this behavior.

A bit of a disconnect between how capitol hill is talking about him and how the white house is.

The president is downplaying how important he is to overall u.s. relations, national security, you saw it on the trip to africa, he was not going to scramble fighters to bring down one man, but at the same time those actions are betrayed a bit by of what the president is doing.

We do not know if the plane that was potentially carrying him -- we know that it was grounded today.

Thank you so much, hans nichols.

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