Potbelly Doubles in Trading Debut After $105M IPO

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Oct. 4 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Olivia Sterns, Adam Johnson, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Knowledge of the situation.

Let's start with twitter.

Getting all of the headlines.

Let's start with another ipo that began trading today, pot ellie -- potbelly.

The ceo commented on the stock performance earlier on bloomberg.

We're very fortunate the stock has behaved this way but quite frankly we are going to be sticking to running a sandwich shop.

I need to go back to work being focused on being the ceo and helping us grow to meet the commitments that we've made.

They have their sights set on expansion with hopes to open 35 more shops this year.

It was an antique store that gave out sandwiches and desserts to boost sales.

The sandwiches worked out at her.

A much better name for a sandwich store than an antique.

They have the stove in all of the stores.

That was reflected in a map that you saw.

35 new stores this year and the store growth will be about 10% per year.

It's much smaller than a subway, panera, or to pull a -- chipotle.

Bigger than the heart attack grill.

There's only one of those thankfully.

It starts off as an antique shop making sandwiches to bring them in the door.

It's better and it sounds like steak shack.

They started off as a hotdog cart.

That is organic growth.

Ellen lewis, we will hear the full interview on "taking stock," used to be the ceo at sears.

Isn't potbelly, doesn't that make you where you are going to eat that and get fat?

Or is that ok because we are american?

Facebook is going to start putting ads on instagram raising the stakes in the battle for ad dollars.

They will roll out to the instagram u.s. users in the next couple of months.

In a blog post they say they will strive to make them feel as natural to the site as photos and videos do.

Users will be able to hide any ads they don't like.

I will believe it when i see it.

I won't see it because i don't use instagram.

I just signed up for it.

Olivia can explain it.

It is the photo feed stripped down to its peer is form -- ourest purest form.

Why don't you just use facebook?

14-year-olds are signing up for instagram.

They just want pictures.

Go to eat at the heart attack grill and use instagram.

Can you combine twitter, facebook, instagram?

If you start only on instagram, you get the photos of only people you really want to see.

They paid the $700 million for it at some point they want to monetize.

Jamie dimon is giving up his chairman title, but not the one you think.

This july he stepped down as chairman of the company's main bank subsidiary according to a person briefed on the move.

It was almost interesting.

I saw that headline.

A regulatory document released yesterday listed his title as chairman emeritus.

He was under shareholder pressure to forfeit his chairmanship.

The board said they wanted him there.

The shareholders voted for him.

Why did they not have to disclose it when it happens?

If he's giving a managerial duties it's not as significant as splitting the whole thing, but we had to learn from a person briefed on the matter rather than the bank itself.

It's very curious.

Let me talk about what's happening here because i have a number here for you.

Exxon, chevron, bp are all battening down the hatches because along the louisiana gulf coast tropical storm karen is making her way towards all of those rigs and it's expected to make landfall sometime sunday.

It's not expected to develop in to buy hurricane.

Oil prices up about 1% and in theory there is less supply.

60 mile-per-hour wind can do a lot of damage but let's hope they don't jump up to 100. this region accounts for 23% of u.s. crude production and there is a 45 cent of our refining capacity.

-- and it is 45% of our refining capacity.

There have not been any major storms.

This is the second named the storm.

Hopefully we have dodged a bullet.

Does it make anyone else think of "goodfellas?" we care for those affected.

Here's a look at what's next

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