Do Colorado's Coffers Make the Case for Legal Pot?

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June 17 (Bloomberg) -- Hain Celestial Group CEO Irwin Simon and Bloomberg's Jonathan Allen discuss the legalization of marijuana with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Go into 2016. that is marijuana legalization either for medical or in colorado's case, for recreational purchase -- purposes.

People are saying this can be the new gay marriage, the anti-gay marriage.

Gay marriage got a lot of conservatives to the voting booth to vote against it.

The hope in some liberal circles is that people will come out of the voting booth and vote for recreational use of marijuana.

It could really help drive some of the polling numbers.

You run a business.

You have four plants in colorado.

Do you test for drugs?

It has done great for colorado and housing third we have a distributions enter.

The rent is going up guide -- up.

You have a lot of consumers moving to colorado just to be around our one up.

We do drug test.

It is federally still illegal to smoke.

There are times you have to pull back and say, do we want a truck test, do we want to know this?

So many states are seeing how many tax dollars are going in.

These retail stores are booming because of marijuana.

A lot of states, you will see that go on a ballot.

The question is, tea, and herb.

If marijuana goes legal, will we sell it?

We seller does today.

-- we sell herbs today.

Factories, not like marijuana.

None of them are.

You would consider it?

It is already legal in colorado and legal soon in washington.

Studies out there sailed all is more harmful than marijuana.

A lot of companies selling alcohol today -- right now it is illegal so i do not have richer -- to a dress the issue.

It is amazing what is owing on in colorado today we're in i am surprised what marijuana has done with that state.

I met with the governor.

It will be interesting to test in these elections the willingness of people to get up off the couch, stop eating doritos, to go vote for marijuana.

You will see a young voter -- he looked at it.

If it became totally legal.

It would be good business for you.

Bloomberg news's washington bureau chief.

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