Porsche Macan: The Affordable Family Luxury SUV

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Nov. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Pietro Boggia, principal: automotive & transportation at Frost & Sullivan, talks with Guy Johnson about Porsche unveiling its new Macan model, a luxury sport-utility vehicle, at the Los Angeles Auto Show and what he sees for the future of the luxury automaker. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

They're trying to expand the range of the target to reach 200,000. they set the target to reach this level by 2018. they think they can reach the level at 2016. they will target this car to the mid-class in the u.s. and china.

There is growing possibility of those people.

There's affordable luxury and it is affordable to a broader audience.

The audi suv made the platform shared across the volkswagen group and we have shown that you have customers comfortable with the fact that it is not purely a porsche.

They have the similarity with other vehicles.

The have to sell technology and brand image that is different from audi.

It is a pleasure to drive and porsche cantilever.

I do not expect them to approve this move.

Do you think this is it?

They may explore.

Now it makes sense.

Let's that is the bmw.

There is the class and that would take them down.

But that is the five-series range.

What is the potential?

You don't but the targets that -- you talked about the targets.

How much more can porsche do?

First of all, the main target is not about volume, it is about technology.

Any project has to be approved.

This is something that has to be -- this is something that very rarely happens today.

In terms of sales, 200,000 were disclosed and they set a target in the lifecycle.

You can imagine that they will reach 250. they look at what porsche is doing and what lessons will be be learning?

The main lesson is the issue of if you are able to manage your plans and succeed.

More and more of europe has to sell a premium image and premium technology to the rest of the world.

This is world -- this is where europe can innovate.

Porsche and audi can mark this.

Everybody is exploring that.

Doesn't work for lamborghini and bentley?

The suv crossover is the most interesting segment of the market.

Everybody wants to be there.

Lamborghini and bentley are aiming to reach chinese.

I do not think that europe will have such an impact.

In asia, people still believe the status of the car is important.

It is very nice to see you.

Borgia joined us.

Coming up, it is all about scooters.

It is a vespa.

Find out how and why this scooter is worth $10,000. i cannot get over that.

In the meantime, tell us that you think about vespa's and scooters.

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