Pope Francis Welcomes Obama to the Vatican

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March 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Alessandra Migliaccio reports on today’s meetings by President Barack Obama with Pope Francis and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”


We have the very latest.

It is quite a trip because i guess all three of them in different shapes and forms are reformers.


That's right.


Obama is the man of hope and change -- at least he was 24 started off as president.

That is dampened a bit due to reality setting in in many ways.

And yet pope francis was a man of change in the catholic church.

In his own way and he promises revolution, promises italy change.

These three men are meeting.

There will be a lot of symbolism involved.

There will be a lot of trying to recharge their images with the meetings.

Obama is trying to recharge his image by meeting pope francis and ramsey by meeting obama.

That is sort of the framework within we are working.

Then you have obama as we speak meeting with the pope.

It is a historic moment.

In a way his try to recall the old days when reagan met with pope tau, who is also a very cap -- pope john paul, who was also very charismatic pope.

Some people have spoken about iron curtains.

I don't want to get too far into that, that it is a very historic moment and both obama and the pope has spoken against what is going on in ukraine and putin's annexation of crimea.

We will see how that goes.

It is a meeting that is both symbolic and important politically.

It is interesting that -- he is basically in rome to meet the pope.

He is not there really to meet the prime minister.

The pope is the draw, not the prime minister.

Symbolically, the pope is the draw.

That is what obama wants to show.

He was to show he's meeting an important person.

Also right now, pope francis vrable ratings are very high and he is the man of the poor, the man of social change, which is something that is very dear to obama's heart as well.

Quickly, there are a couple of things an agenda that are practical, business that he will discuss with renzi.

Likely that we'll talk about energy needs.

Italy gets a lot of gas from ukraine and north africa, especially from libya in which right now is in a lot of trouble , libya.

This means italy will have less gas and have to buy gas somewhere.

Many analysts are saying the u.s., shale gas.

So this is business that he may be discussing with renzi.

On the issue of security, you will probably discuss investing more or spending more for nato.

Renzi wants to reduce italy's defense budget.

I think obama will say it needs to be increased.

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