Political Posturing Over Immigration, Obamacare

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Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg View columnist Lanhee Chen talks with Tom Keene about the prospects of Congress tackling immigration reform in the near-term and breaks down the state of the Affordable Care Act. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

And jumpstarting policy making.

Is it completely on hold until the affordable care act is beaten to death?

We have a pretty crowded agenda.

We have health care reform, the budget deadline on december 13. there are a few other odds and ends.

Immigration reform is going down in flames.

What is different this time?

People are saying this is the year that we are behind this except i don't hear any political mass or inertia to get it going.

We lost momentum.

It was there during the summer, but we have lost some of the momentum.

Some republicans are looking ahead, paul ryan being one of them.

I had a moment in the basement of the cato institute where i listen to guys like you go on about policy and then a policy came -- that a politician came in and it was a totally different speech and body line which.

It was a totally different culture.

With the affordable care act, our politicians remotely near people like you?

The interesting thing is the president, in doing what he did last week, may have hurt himself and of the law itself.

When the public perception of the affordable care act is that the obama administration does not know what they're doing right now, the reality is that republicans want to capitalize on that.

You are going to see polarization.

The idea is, it is law.

Do we amendment -- amend its?

Is there a hope and prayer of eliminating the affordable care act or are we just amending the affordable care act?

M a i think the idea somehow the law gets delayed long enough to have it overturned.

The wheels are in motion.

We are heading towards implementation.

There are ways that people have said we can improve the law.

The challenges that there are some fundamental flaws that the president is unwilling to fix.

Where he we get smarter on this?

Where can we get smarter about this as we go into the new year?

There are a few different leases.

There are some of my colleagues at places like the american enterprise institute, gentle product, is a terrific analyst -- jim cupretta is a terrific analyst on this.

You are so balanced about bringing in all of the different voices.

Lanhee chen obviously has his own voice.

When you talk about obamacare, what do the doctors think?

I think it depends.

There are some doctors that are concerned about what the affordable care act is going to do to their compensation levels, their ability to see enough patients.

I think a lot of them are going to be seeing a lot more patients and their concern about whether or not that patient load is reasonable.

A lot of them will be fine.

I think it depends on the kinds of doctors you are talking to.

The opinion i have gotten from doctors has been pretty negative.

Is the socialized medicine?

We are on the pathway to a different health care system.

A lot of people on the left see obamacare's failures as a very different pathway than what america has been on.

It is a big day here in chicago.

It is the business summit.

A terrific set of ceos.

Why is that important?

They are dealing with their business plans for 2014. we're worried about the holidays, i am looking out the -- i am looking at the windows.

I was shopping on the magnificent mile last night and thinking about the holiday

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