Americans Admit Erratic Weather Patterns: Langer

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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Langer Research Associates Founder and President Gary Langer discusses the extreme cold weather in the U.S. on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)


Americans are not surprised by this.

We have seen polling data in which 60% of americans say weather patterns in the country have become more unstable.

53% say weather is becoming more extreme.

Weather-related disasters are becoming more serious.

People are where something is going on.

Everyone talks about the weather but what will we do about it?

What about global warming.

It says there will be volatile temperatures, not just warm ones.

This coincides with what global warming has always said.

Extreme volatility.

This is a moment of extreme volatility.

Public is aware of a problem and concern about antics earrings yet but waiting for solutions.

You have been generating polls for decades.

I quoted your numbers more often than i can count and now i get to sit here with you.

Why is it we are all talking more about the weather?

There is something that happened 10 years ago.

El niÑo. what is it?

Winter, it is cold, it is fun to talk about, particularly now.

But this is a public policy issue.

Two thirds of americans think there is solid ever -- evidence average temperatures in the world are getting warmer.

A rude awakening.

The notion of climate change and more unstable weather patterns has taken home -- taken hold.

It is experiential.

We are living through this.

People are experiencing it and wondering what we do about it.

There have not been policy proposals acceptable across a spectrum of political interests and concerns in the country.

That is why we are flummoxed.

That makes it an interesting story to discuss.

This is an issue in which there is broad agreement that there is a challenge and a problem.

There is a lot of agreement with airlines.

People are fed up with delays.

On hold with united airlines, 12 hours.

Gary, do you have numbers?

I do not.

A lot of people do not fly much at all.

The inconvenience for travelers will be a significant concern.

What really challenges people is not what they hear in the abstract about problems, whether they are economic or you name it.

But when they experience them at home.

They are experiencing unstable weather patterns and growing more concerned.

People will look for solutions to these problems.

We will talk later more about politics and the absence of solutions, a source of great restriction.

Everyone is agreement on the streets of new york city.

You know would be jpmorgan.

Yesterday, we reported jpmorgan will pay $2 billion in fines associated with ernie made off and a ponzi scheme.

The department of justice will not try to prosecute any individual executives at jpmorgan.

That is a positive.

I have spoken to a number of people on the street.

What is gore down the street?

They will not go after any individuals with jpmorgan.

There is not anyone to go after any more than there would be someone from the regulators.

Question a.p. morgan was banker.

The same way i use people's bank

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