Peugot 308 Key to Company Turnaround: Meilhan

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Nicolas Meilhan, a senior consultant at Frost & Sullivan, discusses the Frankfurt Motor Show on Sept. 12 on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse." (Source: Bloomberg)

Draw in to the sort of 918 porsche.

In reality, the car industry is a little more mundane than that.

What really caught your eye?

What really caught my eye is the car you been talking about, for one singular reason, those cars use three liter -- we have seen a lot of different cars with that consumption.

They are a car that everybody can buy.

There is the car that not many people can buy, you mentioned the mercedes s class with 1400 horsepower.

Then the porsche spider, 900 horsepower, which also has consumption of three liters per 100 kilometers.

The reason why consumption is so low is because those cars are equipped with an electric model and a battery and they can run fully electric for 30 kilometers.

Hybrid electric technology is certainly becoming a bigger and bigger product.

Talk about some of the other launches.

The 308 was pre-launched before the show.

That is a critical car.


308, they have a targeted to sell 150,000 every year.

As you know, it is slowly recovering, but still losing money.

The success of this car is going to be critical for their success in the future.

What is interesting, cars used to be a status symbol.

Particularly for the young.

And that trend is changing.

I was reading this morning, they are longer status symbols and driving time is now seen his down time in the way it once was . smartphones are really changing the way people view time and transport.

What does that mean for the car industry and for this show?

It is very true.

You have a strong trend of carbon connected with internet, you're not supposed to use internet while driving when you take the subway, the taxi, you can go on your iphone, smartphone and read your e-mails and go on the internet.

People see cars as -- the big trend is money.

There is a very high unemployment rate for dumb people in europe.

-- there is a very high unemployment rate for young people in europe.

We are seeing those cars improve fuel efficiency.

The frankfurt show is it is because the manufacturer will have, if you want to save the volume for the car, which has more cost efficient, especially fuel-efficient.

Are people designing cars now to be rigid rather than owned?

-- rented rather than owned?

Cooks there is a lot of car sharing.

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