Petra Nemcova: From Model to Luxe Entrepreneur

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August 1 (Bloomberg) -- Supermodel Petra Nemcova discusses her new brand that will be sold in Bergdorf Goodman. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You are a pretty busy person already.

What made you want to start a business you?

I do where four -- weqar ar four hats.

I have done philanthropy, modeling, a diplomatic head ambassador at large to haiti, and entrepreneur is the next extension of all the things i have learned through the three hats.

It is something that you learn working in philanthropy.

Learning a lot about business because you have to run a charity as a corporation to be successful.

It is a natural extension.

What is your entrepreneur al drive?

Is this because you see an opportunity to build something that you could do for decades?

And maybe function as an access strategy from some of what you have done previously, modeling, for example.

With my cofounder, christian, we have talked about things we love to do and travel and creating is very much part of it.

Out of that brainstorming, we created a company all about bringing treasures from country all over the world, bringing them into your home and enriching your life.

It was creative juices coming together.

Also very important ownership with bergdorf women.

The customers have to say what they like, what they want, what they need, and it was a special opportunity.

We're showing pictures of the candles.

They are beautiful.

They are also very centered $98 for a candle.

How did you come up with this idea, and why so upscale?

If you compare to other candles, you get more for your buck because this is a much bigger size.

We started with high-end because we had the opportunity with bergdorf, and if you want to you can always go and check, but it is more difficult to go from -- two luxury.

We have created a special arena within the luxury, a place for luxury.

Be the light is all about connecting.

The candle has three sides.

On the three sides, you see the map of the country.

So on the american, you see a map of america, when he was three candles together, you see the whole map.

Second offering being home access, you have the elements of faithfulness, and you can make your own final touch on the product.

Greg's petra, what words would you use to describe the brand identity that you are trying to create?

Three words -- discover, learn, connect.

Discover the country, learn about the treasuries of the country, it can be spiced , and connect to the people of the country.

What is next after you make candles?

Are you going to extend the brand?


The first line of luxury candle that berg -- candles at bergdorf goodman, and they'll be available online at neiman marcus and

We will have home the core accessories at the second collection.

You talk about how it is easier to build a high-end brand and go down market.

Should we assume that is eventually where you want to go to have more mass appeal and more volume and revenue with eddieit?

We have a few steps ahead.

We will give him the hiring for the moment.

I was just mentioning that it is easier to go down then from down up.

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