Paul Ryan: Obamacare Is a Slow Rolling Fiasco

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April 7 (Bloomberg) -- Al Hunt analyzes his interview with House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Obamacare, as we are watching the slow rolling fiasco is that rates are going to be really high.

You're going to kick a lot of people on endurance, you're putting people on a broken system like medicaid, and oh by the way, providers get hit with massive provider cuts which means according to the actuaries at cms, providers are going to start to go out of business.

This is not going to work.

Al hunt is with us this morning.

Even after the administration met its 7 million person enrollment goal, clearly republicans like paul ryan are not letting up.

I know you and ryan talked about what republicans will do if they win both legislatures in the upcoming midterms.

What did he say?

He says they're going to keep trying to repeal obamacare.

You don't understand that the real world is that so they have no possibility of doing that.

So many provisions will be so entrenched that they can change it, they can radically transform part of, but they cannot repeal it.

Why can't paul ryan give a very straight shooter in many ways say that?

If you want to be a leader in the republican party, if you want to run for president, which he has not ruled out yet, you cannot say that we are not going to repeal obamacare.

People start to accept and like obamacare, isn't it a risk that he continues to be out there he echo they just?

They've reached their goal.

The longer it goes, the more problematic it will be to say repeal repeal after -- without a substitute.

What will you do about the ban on people of pre-existing conditions, and keeping your kids on your policy until they're 26 years old.

Those are provisions that are very popular.

If premiums skyrocket and there are some providers that go out of his this, then they are going to have a stronger case with the rhetoric.

This is primarily a posturing because they are not going to undo, or repeal, the affordable care act.

Is what ryan says about obamacare just a matter of having to say it?

Because that is what the republican message is right now, and paul ryan rather talk to you about taxes?

I think that is absolutely right.

Paul ryan is going to face a choice covenant is going to be a choice he has to make for the sig that's pretty darn soon -- he has to make pretty soon.

He can beat the house chair, or run for president.

Whatever he does give you would like to talk about other issues, but you cannot do that come he cannot ignore the republican base.

And it froths at the mouth at the mention of affordable health care.

And he does take over wiens amico is he going to follow through with the tax plan?

He is going to try and variation of it.

Here is his problem the u.s. to lower the rates to 25%. we would all love that.

Dave camp worked like mad, and the lowest he could get was 35%, and that was with a a lot of pain.

Limiting or doing away with some popular deductions.

If you get to 25% of it would have to eliminate the state and local tax deductions, home mortgage deduction, really chip into journals.

That is tough stuff.

Al, terrific as always.

He is the host of political capital, and that is exclusive from paul ryan.

When we come back and i hope

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