Is Rolling Stone's Boston Bomber Cover Tasteless?

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Steve Forbes, CEO at Forbes and Steven Levy, author of "In The Plex," consider the public reaction to Rolling Stone magazine putting Boston bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnev on its cover. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Boy, this is the first on there has been any budget about -- any buzz about "rolling stone" anywhere.

And drugstore chains are refusing to sell the latest addition because of this cover, which is huge -- features a suspect in the boston marathon bombing, and dzhokhar tsarnaev.

Let's talk to a magazine publisher, shouldn't we gecko?

They portray them is basically a rock star.

Some readers have canceled their subscription.

Is great great to have someone talk about a magazine cover.

Not in a content.

Quacks actually yes in that context because -- quacks actually, yes in that context because the magazine have the power of moving the discussion by which we put on the cover there.

I worked at "newsweek," and able to really seriously what was on the cover there.

Quacks there is a difference between provocative and faithless.

-- and tasteless.

Quacks in 1938, "time " magazine had hitler on the cover.

But it was him as the organ of death.

They had a money context, but him as an evil man.

"rolling stone" did not do what "time" magazine did so many years ago.

Would your father think it is appropriate?

He would do it all the time.

Covering a story is legitimate, but doing it in the way that you pointed out this makes the eye looks like a rockstar instead of an evil person contrasts with what "time" did.

They get a play from it, but i think people are going to say you are so desperate, you would do something like this that will not help.

Quacks the boston mayor slammed it.

If you're in the technology space -- he is also at "newsweek." was as appropriate?

It was over-the-top to do it , but the discussion is valuable.

We will get to learn about this kid.

I have not read the story, but if i gather it gather it is something that it is not a love letter to him, not a celebrity profile.

It is the same kind of in-depth story we have seen other places.

He was on the cover of the "new york times," and it was a similar but people are accurately pointing out this looks like jim morrison back there in 1971. that that was what i thought, jim morrison angle.

It is a real privilege to both of you talk about the social moment.

All over twitter last night.

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