Online Sales Up 20%, Average Order Was $127

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Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- "Bargain Fever" Author Mark Ellwood and Strategic Resource Group's Burt Flickinger discuss online shopping with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Of the pumpkin pie.

We just got some data from ibm, tracking online sales.

He said online sales were up 20% in 2013 over the same period last year.

Talking about thanksgiving day.

Average order of value, just about $128 and mobile sales now accounting for more than a quarter of all purchases, up 49% year-over-year.

What did those data tell you, mark?

One, as a first set, it was cold, people stayed inside.

It is particularly -- predicted to be the coldest winter since 1960 two.

Also, i would not want to be cyber monday.

It looks like cyber monday will lose its position and everything will migrate to thanksgiving day.

I agree with mark, that ultimately between thanksgiving day and cyber monday there will be more customers shopping online and shopping in stores.

The national retail federation said foot traffic for customer accounts will be down seven -- 7 million people between thanksgiving day to black friday to sunday.

Mark, you are the expert.

You put the book.

And you get a better deal -- what can stores do apart from rising something for less to drive traffic to bricks and mortar as opposed to online?

If you can sit at home watching football and doing shopping, why bother going to the mall?

Because stores have finally realized instead of fighting show remained -- checking the price on your phone in this door -- they are saying price match, if you buy it here we will match the price and you can walk away with it.

Nothing beats the instant gratification.

Amazon, scrambling to book these distribution centers around the country trying to offer instant gratification is way behind best buy.

Best buy says, come here, if that is a better price you can buy it here now.

Will best buy beat amazon this holiday season?

They will not be dumb but in stores across the area best buy had up to 29-30 people, every register open dozens in line.

Best buy, like amazon, is not going to make any money but -- [laughter] how has best buy done it in a space of a year?

A year ago today best i was a disaster and now it seems to be thriving.

The stock is up 230%. granted, a lot is looking to the future and expecting profits to come.

What are they doing right?

They have a bit of attitude and swagger and, b, they stopped complaining about show looming and saying it is unfair but they accepted it as a fact of life and thing how we integrate digital and brick-and-mortar.

Walmart and target doing the same thing.

Realizing they should all gang up on amazon and everyone would end up at her rough.

How hard is ago in the retail spectrum?

Just the middle and lower -- the targets or walmarts or are high- end retailers having to cope with the show room phenomenon?

Higher -- if you look at the lack of investment, target partnering with amazon and getting the short straw online for 11 years compared to what nordstrom and his brothers and the third-generation with jamie nordstrom's with, integrating bricks and clicks and terry lundgren and his team -- between macy's merchandising, bloomingdale merchandising, they are doing phenomenally.

Martha stewart is going to be one of the ones in all of this.

I am not sure how viable she is going to be.

Her business may be a train wreck under the christmas tree by this time next year.

Instead of a train set.

Lionel and kitty city are out of business, too, but still selling train the ebay.

The less capable, less will capitalize -- jcpenneys of the world that failed to invest fast enough, there may be a victim.

Burt named a couple of winners and losers.

What do you think?

I think everyone should just look at nordstrom and do everything they do.

Nordstrom has a trust with their customers and any company that has that kind of trust -- people are very, very loyal when they are treated well.

Return anything policy.

I would hate to be jcpenney january 1. everything that has happened to penny is heartbreaking.

Any less than you would want to be jcpenney today?

Mark ellwood is author of

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