Obama to Push EU Leaders on More Russian Sanctions

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April 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev reports on President Barack Obama’s four-nation Asia tour and the possibility of further sanctions against Russia for actions in Ukraine on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Today with european leaders to discuss the crisis.

Our white house correspondent is also traveling with the president.

Margaret, thanks for joining us.

What can we expect from this call?

At this point, the white house is in the position of trying to nudge european leaders along to attach more names to these sanctions.

You heard the president yesterday saying, we have got new sanctions teed up but i recognize that putin may not respond to those either.

He is starting from a pessimistic position with europe.

Very well said.

President obama talks on containing north korea.

What you are seeing is a real test of the president's suggestion that a diplomatic multilateral approach is the way to go.

The white house was really hoping a couple years ago that kim jong-un would be the potential for a reset with north korea.

Instead what they are seeing is north korea firing 90 rockets in the last month, ramping up activity at its nuclear test site.

The threat that they are

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