New Sanctions for Russia, Obama Threatens Putin

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Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Peter Cook reports on President Obama threatens Vladimir Putin with new sanctions against Russia with Betty Liu on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Won't be sending troops there or any military washington.

Peter cook has more on the president's options.

He's made his own comments on ukraine today.

He was speaking at a youth camp out of moscow in the last hour or so.

He's been critical of the united states.

He's also said ukraine, the government is acting like the nazis in world war ii.

Specific on the u.s., he's basically saying anything the u.s. turns touches turns out lake iraq and libya.

The president here blaming vladimir putin and russia saying russia bears responsibility and says the nato satellite pictures showing russian troops and russian arm aments in ukraine bolster the case against vladimir putin, and he said economic pressures can be turned up in conjunction with the european union, but he's drawing a line.

Here's the president.

We will stn to stand firm with our allies and partners that what is happening is wrong, that there is a solution that allows ukraine and russia to live peacefully.

But it is not in the cards to see a military confrontation between russia and the united states in this region.

But clearly this escalation has raised tension.

Nato is holding an emergency meeting today.

The e.u. leaders will meet tomorrow, and the president heading for a knit owe summit, where he's going to reaffirm u.s. support and treaty ties within nato.

Of course, ukraine not a member of nato.

The president pointing that out yesterday.

And it's not just ukraine.

The president also emphasized a go slow approach when it comes to syria.

How is that being received?

Well, he's even raising some questions among democrats.

All those people think we're about to launch u.s. air strikes in syria.

And he said no, not so fast.

We are trying to come up with a strategy.

The united states doesn't have a strategy right now.

That comment, again, the white house tried to clarify it afterwards.

Betty, this is the president, very reluctant to get involved mill tailor almost anywhere in the world, particularly in syria.

He says he wants to hear more options from his military planners, consult with congress, but a long-term strategy is to deal with the threat posed by the is lamist threat, that's what he's trying to come up with.

Air strikes for the moment taken off the table.

This cautious approach seems to be a bit opposed or opposite to what the americans want.

54% of americans believe the president should get more involved.

Is that going to have any impact not just on the white house and their policy, but on the elections coming up?

The national opinion for some time now, americans have been reticent to get involved.

Look what happened in iraq and afghanistan as well.

There is a changing dynamic here.

The death of james foley has really turned the tide here, but you asked americans in other poll questions, you asked that question a different way, and there's still a great let cents to get involved internationally.

We'll see if that changes, but the president starting to feel the heat from congressional republicans for sure and even some democrats.

Peter, thank you so much.

Peter cook, our chief washington correspondent.

Turn to the game of football.

Moving and shaking this hour, nfl commissioner roger goodell has made a rare apology to i'm owners and said the league is

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