Obama Speaks With Putin on U.S.-Russia Relations

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July 12 (Bloomberg) -- Edward Snowden’s latest attempt to stay out of U.S. hands threatens to push Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin toward a standoff that both leaders say they want to avoid. Phil Mattingly reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Phil mattingly is in the washington bureau with late developments on n.s.a. leaker edward snowden.

Good evening.

Good evening, mark.

President barack obama tonight personally spoke with the russian president, putin, and one issue stuck out -- that issue is edward snowden.

Snowden today in moscow told human rights activists he planned on seeking temporary asylum in russia.

This has put more pressure on the administration that is already facing calls on capitol hill for changes to its intelligence collection programs.

This is something a senator told bloomberg's peter cook may happen in the weeks ahead -- i do think that it ought to be possible in the days ahead, particularly as we look at sensible reforms of the patriot act, i think they will be bipartisan.

And for example, we take steps to make changes in the bulk collection of phone records on millions and millions of americans who have nothing to do with terror.

Now, widen, in that interview that will air on sunday, made clear that he believed lawmakers, not snowden, should have been the ones to start this debate.

Now that it's out in the open he's pushing for changes.

Phil, how is the obama administration reacting to today's events?

Is there any hope at this point they'll figure out a way to return edward snowden to the united states?

Well, mark, officials from the state department, the white house, their rhetoric is becoming sharper and sharper by the day.

They're very, very frustrated with edward snowden.

Obviously there's a lot of pressure on the latin american countries that he's sought asylum from and from russia.

They're hoping law enforcement avenues can clear the way, but right now it's anybody's guess.

Phil, as the snowden situation continues, it's a thorn in the u.s. government's side.

President obama lost a key advisor today.

What more can you tell us about the resignation of janet napolitano?

That's right, mark.

She announced today -- she's been one of the key advisors on national security issues, immigration.

She announced she will be leaving the administration to join the university of california's university system.

She'll become their president.

This is a big loss for the obama administration.

She came in the day after obama was sworn in in 2009. shegs's known as one of his favorite advisors and has been at the core of all of the major debates.

She is expected to depart in september.

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